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Gift Ideas for Writers or Bloggers

In my lifetime, I have learned, that no matter how smart or intelligent a person is, if you give them the wrong information – they will probably screw up whatever it is they are doing. If they were writers or bloggers, wrote about it, and circulated their writings? Well! Just let your imagination run wild!

Not that they can not fix it.

But it was so unnecessary to make the mistake, had they been given the right information or “the right stuff” in the first place. Now it is time wasted writing about the wrong thing and more time wasted fixing the wrong thing and doing the right thing! Oy vey!

Anyway! Let’s not dwell on the negative and take a look at the positives. We no longer have to be forced to live in the Dark Ages. If you are a reader and especially if you are a writer or blogger there is a wealth of “right” information that you can readily access when learning and educating yourself and/or doing research for your writing projects.

* * *

Are you an aspiring writer (or blogger)?

The right tool makes any writing job easier.

Saw a report on television a while back about people at Google who were working on a project to make Bible scrolls available online. It was very impressive. The Google folks receive my high five on these initiatives. They believe in and have made information accessible to the masses as it should be and as it should have always been. AGREE?

Thanks to Google you can add these free online tools to your Super Writer Utility Belt.

This awesome list of scholarly search engines. Find reliable facts and data on just about any academic subject.

Google Scholar. Google Scholar is Google’s search engine for scholarly literature like academic articles and peer-reviewed journals.

Google Books. Find out which books cover a topic you’re researching. Some of the books are even available online for free.

* * *

LAST TOOL? Google doesn’t get credit for this tool. Not sure who came up with the idea. Maybe it was the ancient Greeks. But don’t forget about your local public library. An oldie but goodie. It’s free, it’s organized, and it’s staffed by librarians who can help you find the information you need. An informed reference librarian is worth his or her weight in gold times ten thousand. As an added bonus, if you’re researching from printed material, you’re more likely to find interesting facts and tidbits that are not already widely available online. Think of it as a treasure hunt!

* * *

Links of Particular Interest to Freelance Writers:

Where to Get Started as a Freelance Writer

What Is Freelance Writing (And How Do I Become a Freelance Writer)?

Are you a writer or blogger or do you have family or friends who write/blog and you would like to encourage them in their endeavors? Here are some great gift ideas!

Blog Planner: Blog On

The Emotion Thesaurus: A Writer’s Guide To Character Expression

Novel Teas contains 25 teabags individually tagged with literary quotes from the world over, made with the finest English Breakfast tea.

The Bountiful Book of BLOG IDEAS: Your Guide to Generating HUNDREDS of IDEAS for Your Blog

It’s true we live in the technological age of electronics and digital data. But computers are not always reliable, sometimes your content gets destroyed by a “blip”, and if you’ve stored your documents somewhere on the web, Internet access is not always available. What happens when that happens? As archaic as it may seem, it’s still perfectly OK to use good old-fashioned pen and paper to jot down your thoughts. This is a writing tool designed by a writer to be used by writers of all ages. Let your creative juices flow!

Book It: Gift a Writer With This Novel-sized Writing Tool

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If you have time, please visit my other pages for more gift ideas. My Wish List for You

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  1. Writing online is a risky business if you don’t pay attention to where you are writing. Do your homework and check out the reviews of a site before your choose. This is a fairly good start to places to consider.

  2. Gypzeerose

    I believe that there are lots of freelance writing opportunities. Thanks for the comprehensive list of research tools for Webnuggetz and your own sites.

    • More and more sites are opening up on the Internet. But I can remember a time when online writing communities were not so abundant and many sites charged a fee. It was hard to find one, such as Webnuggetz, for example, with free sign up and that allowed revenue-share and other residual income streams. Thanks Rose. For your comments, advice, and constant support, especially with the Facebook Group. :)

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