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Frozen Bathroom Accessories


Is Your Bathroom a Frozen Bathroom?

Kids love the Disney animated film, Frozen, and they’ll enjoy having their own bathroom decorated with a Frozen theme. There is everything here from shower curtains and rugs, to a toothbrush holder and waste baskets…plus a whole lot more!

Kids will enjoy walking into their bathroom and having these animated characters from Frozen greet them with a smile! These Frozen bathroom accessories truly are a delight, and will brighten any child’s bathroom, and add a cheery atmosphere to it, as well.

These products make terrific gifts for birthdays and Christmas, too! Buy them individually until you can collect them all, or purchase one of the bundles offered here!

Make any bathroom in your home a Frozen bathroom with these fun Frozen bathroom accessories!

Disney Frozen Anna, Elsa, Olaf Bathroom Accessories Bundle of 7 Items!

The Following Items are in the Disney Frozen Character Line of Bathroom Accessories:

*Shower Curtain 72″ x 72″ & 12 Shower Hooks
*Olaf Lotion/Soap Dispenser 3″ x 8.5″ & Toothbrush Holder 5″ x 5″
*Slip Resistant Tub Mat 30.5″ x 14″ & Hand Towel 14.5″ x 26″
*Olaf Bathroom Round Rug, Latex Backing 25″ x 25″ Machine Wash

Disney Frozen Anna, Elsa, Olaf Bathroom Accessories Bundle of 7 Items!

Disney Frozen Trash Cans and Bundles

Use these trash cans in your child’s bathroom or bedroom. They offer pretty decoration to the rooms, and they are practical, as well.

 Disney Frozen Wastebasket Frozen Bedroom Bathroom Garbage Can Waste Disney Frozen Snowflake Sisters Wastebasket Disney Frozen Elsa, Anna and Olaf Disney Frozen Anna, Elsa, Olaf Bathroom Disney Frozen Bathroom 5 Piece Bundle Disney Frozen Anna, Elsa, Olaf Bathroom Disney Frozen Elsa, Anna and Olaf Frozen Elsa and Anna Sisters Forever Frozen Bathroom 4 Piece Bundle Bath Disney Frozen Anna & Elsa Anna, Elsa, Olaf Bathroom Set Bundle Disney Frozen Anna, Elsa, Olaf Bathroom Disney Frozen Large Trash Bin Wastebasket Frozen Bedroom Bathroom Garbage Can Waste Disney’s Frozen Anna and Elsa Strong Disney Frozen Anna & Olaf Tin

Disney Frozen Anna and Elsa Shower Curtain, Blue

This pretty Frozen shower curtain features sister Anna and Elsa from the Disney animated film. Bring the magic of Disney’s frozen into your home bathroom with this Anna and Elsa fabric shower curtain. Featuring a blue background and whimsical design, this shower curtain is the perfect way to recreate a piece of the snow kingdom for your little frozen fan.

100% peva
Easy to hang
Fabric curtain, requires vinyl liner
72 x 72 inches

Disney Frozen Anna and Elsa Shower Curtain, Blue

Disney Frozen Shower Curtains

You have a nice variety of Frozen shower curtains to choose from here, and there are many accent colors you can add to the bathroom to match these curtains.

 Disney Frozen Snowflake Sisters Shower Curtain Disney Frozen Microfiber Shower Curtain Disney Frozen Shower Curtain Hooks – Disney Frozen Shower Curtain Hooks Elsa Frozen Shower Bath Curtain Elsa Anna Cartoon Frozen High Quality Fabric Bathroom Anime Frozen Waterproof Frozen Shower Curtain Cartoon Frozen High Quality Fabric Bathroom Disney Frozen Shower Curtain with Anna Disney Frozen Bathroom Shower Curtain and Cartoon Frozen High Quality Fabric Bathroom Frozen fashion cartoon durable practical Shower Cartoon Frozen High Quality Fabric Bathroom The Frozen Waterproof Bathroom Shower Curtain Win-ing Frozen Disney 02 Printed Umbrella Home Fashion Eco-Friendly Frozen Shower curtain, Frozen Creative Polyester Waterproof Shower Curtain Popular Frozen Movie Series Shower Curtain

Disney Frozen Anna & Elsa “Sisters Forever” Complete 8 Piece Bathroom Accessories Set

Disney Frozen Fabric Shower Curtain: 100 percent polyester, Size: 72″ x 72″, Machine washable, Use of vinyl liner is required for all fabric shower curtains.

Disney Frozen Waste Basket: 100 percent plastic, Size: 8″ x 10″, Hand wash recommended.

Disney Frozen Shower Curtain Hooks: 100 percent resin with metal hooks, 2″x2″, Disney Frozen Tub Mat: 100 percent polyester and synthetic rubber backing, Size: 30.5″ x 14.5″, Remove and rinse after each use, hang to dry.

Disney Frozen Tooth Brush Holder: 100 percent resin, Size: 4.75″ x 5″ x 2.”, Hand wash recommended.

Disney Frozen Hooded Towel: 100 percent cotton, Size: 51″ x 22.5″, Machine washable,Disney Frozen Hand Towels: 100 percent cotton, Size: 11″ x 18″, Machine washable, Disney Frozen 6Pk Washcloths: Size: 12″ x 12″, Machine washable.

Disney Frozen Anna & Elsa

More Frozen Bathroom Bundles

 Disney Frozen 23 Piece Bath Set Disney Frozen Four Piece Beauty Bundle Disney Frozen Girls Bathroom Accessory Beauty Disney Frozen Bathroom 5 Piece Bundle Disney Frozen Elsa, Anna and Olaf Frozen Bathroom 4 Piece Bundle Bath Disney Frozen Girls Essential Bathroom Beauty Disney Frozen Ultimate 9 Piece Bathroom Disney Frozen Anna, Elsa, Olaf Bathroom Disney Frozen Ultimate 4 Piece Bathroom

More Frozen Bathroom Accessories

 Disney Frozen ToothBrush Holder Disney Frozen Sisters Forever Pop Up Disney Frozen Bath Tub Shower Mat Disney Frozen Olaf Soap/Lotion Dispenser Disney Frozen Olaf Bath Rug 25 Disney Frozen Frosted Berry scented Hand Disney Frozen Snowflake Sisters 2-Piece Bath Frozen Bathroom 4 Piece Bundle Bath Disney Frozen Hooded Towel Wrap / Disney Frozen Bath Accessories 3 Piece Disney Frozen Elsa & Anna 7pc. Disney Frozen Bath Rug Olaf 25 Disney Frozen Girls 8pc Bathroom Beauty Disney Frozen 3 Pc. Girls Bathroom Disney Frozen 24 Piece Bath Set

Olaf Towels

Olaf is the whimsical snowman character in the animated film, Frozen. Boys and girls alike will enjoy these Olaf towels, as well as the other Olaf bathroom decorations featured above.

 Disney Beach Towel Frozen Olaf Snow Disney FROZEN ‘Chillin’ 100% Cotton Beach Disney Frozen Blue Color Hooded Towel Disney Frozen Olaf Hooded Poncho Bath Disney Frozen Olaf Beach Towel Disney Frozen Olaf Beach Towel Bath Disney Olaf the Snowman Bath Towel Blue ‘Olaf’ Hooded Poncho – Toddler

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