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Fun No-Carve Pumpkin Ideas for Young Children

Carving pumpkins is a great family activity that almost everyone can enjoy during Halloween, but if your kids are still too young to handle a knife, they might feel left out of the party. With these great no-carve pumpkin ideas, however, even young kids can have fun creating jack-o-lanterns to display on the front porch.

One of my favorite no-carve pumpkin ideas comes from Better Homes and Garden. You’ll find instructions there for creating an incredibly cute pumpkin caterpillar made from a string of small pumpkins painted green and decorated with paste-on felt dots and big googly eyes.

Another fun projects for little kids is a crafty pumpkin owl from Parents.com. This project is created by sticking sunflower seeds to the outside of a big pumpkin to create the face of an owl.

Girls especially will enjoy making a pumpkin with flower designs created from candy.

And for boys, be sure to check out the scary pumpkin bats from Luminous Mom on CafeMom. These cute little bats (shown here) are made by using black and silver acrylic paint and heavy craft foam for the ears and wings.

Other ideas for no-carve pumpkins include adding Mr. Potato Head pieces made especially for pumpkins (available in vampire, witch and skeleton packs) or painting a design on your pumpkin. Pumpkin carving templates also make great masks for painting.

With a little inspiration and help from the web, your little ones will able to create some great Halloween pumpkins without any carving!

(Photo copyright LuminousMom on CafeMom.)

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