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Funny Inflatable Halloween Costumes

Favorite Funny Inflatable Halloween Costumes

Funny inflatable Halloween costumes are always the hit of any Halloween party or event. In fact, if you wear one of these, you don’t have to add one thing. These inflatable Halloween costumes are complete as they are. Your friends will roar with laughter. What a blast you’ll have at a Halloween party!

Inflatable Full Body SuitInflatable Full Body Suit

Keep scrolling for more inflatable Halloween costumes adults and kids will love wearing!

Ridiculously Funny Inflatable Halloween Costumes- Adults

Funny Halloween Costumes

Imagine yourself arriving at the Halloween party in this funny inflatable costume. Have your camera ready! Everyone will want their photo made with you, the star of the party. These costumes are fun for visits to your child’s classroom on special occasions, or even at the office when everybody needs a lift. Funny inflatable Halloween costumes are a great bargain in the laughter payback.

Inflatable Bull RiderInflatable Bull RiderMen's Godzilla Adult InflatableMen’s Godzilla Adult InflatableGhostbusters InflatableGhostbusters InflatableInflatable Ostrich CostumeInflatable Ostrich Costume

Inflatable Halloween Costumes – Kids

Funny Halloween costumes for kids

These funny inflatable Halloween costumes for kids are totally delightful. Your child will giggle with anticipation as he/she enters the Halloween party, knowing that their costume is the absolute funniest one there. Remember that camera. Keep it ready and take tons of photos. This is a Halloween your child will never forget.

Inflatable DinosaurInflatable DinosaurKids Inflatable SumoKids Inflatable SumoGhostbuster DeluxeGhostbuster DeluxeChild's Inflatable Stay PuftChild’s Inflatable Stay Puft

Inflatable Halloween Costume Accessories

Including Harley Quinn Accessories for Halloween Night

Perhaps the other children simply want an inflatable accessory for their costume this year. Inflatables are simply fun because they are so big!

Harley Quinn Inflatable BatHarley Quinn Inflatable BatHarley Quinn Inflatable MalletHarley Quinn Inflatable MalletKnight Shield & Sword SetKnight Shield & Sword SetHip Hop Inflatable Boom BoxHip Hop Inflatable Boom BoxLarge Inflatable Snake PythonLarge Inflatable Snake PythonBoba Fett Inflatable JetpackBoba Fett Inflatable Jetpack

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  1. Gypzeerose

    You really have found some hilarious inflatable costumes Joan, and I have never seen these! Great job.

  2. 3QuartersToday

    Very creative, and the inflatable boom box I’m sure weighs a LOT less than the originals back in the 1980’s

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