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Fuze Wheel Bike Writer Lights

Fuze Wheel Bike Writer Lights

The fuze wheel bike writer lights will make your bicycle the coolest one on the street. When I first saw the commercial I thought it was called a fuze wheel rider but I see now why it’s a wheel writer. Flashing lights and pictures, even your speed magically appear in you bike wheel as you pedal along, sort of writing messages in lights. You can see the lighted images during the day but they show up best on an overcast day or an evening bike ride. The fuze bike fx wheel writer looks cool and helps your child become more visible on those night time rides.

Fuze Bike Wheel Writer

Fuze Wheel Writer, 12Check Price

The fuze bike wheel writer lets yo program up to 12 different images and animations on any bike 20 inches or larger with your fuze fx wheel writer. It features 4 led lights and requires 3 AAA batteries. Follow the directions to program the patterns you want, the spinning action of the wheel activates the lights. Some patterns include fire, skull, spider, bat and a real working speedometer.


Fuze Gyro Flasher Bike Wheel

Mount the fuze gyro flasher directly to your 18″ or larger bike wheel. The ultra bright light makes spiraling patters as you pedal. Built to last, the gyro flasher is brighter by 200% than other coloring changing spoke lights available.

Fuze Fuze Gyro FlasherCheck Price

Fuze Bike Light Striper

Amazing Fuze Light StriperCheck Price

The fuze bike light striper allows you to easily wrap the seven feet of bright light wire around your bike or scooter to create your own customized look. The light pinstripes can be used alone as a solid light or in conjunction with others to make different blinking patterns. Your bike will be sure to stand out in the crowd with this light of the future. Attaches to your bike with the easy to use clips and elastic bands included


Fuze Wheel Writer Triple Pack

The fuze wheel writer triple pack comes with the wheel writer, gyro flasher, and fuze bike light striper. This combination pack is a great way to get all three designs to pimp your bike wheels in one package. Makes an awesome gift.

Meon 876724 Light UpCheck Price

Fuze Light Up Bike Effects

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