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Garage Screen Doors

Garage Screen Doors

Garage Screen Doors, you say? What an awesome idea! Garage Screen Doors are easy to install, similar to the Magic Mesh Screen Door, and are a cost effective way to keep mosquitoes, flies and other flying insects and bugs from getting in your garage area.

My garage is a hangout for the boys, a man cave so to speak. There’s a TV, a couch, workout equipment, a heater and even a small refrigerator. Enough to keep the men smiling and busy while watching football, baseball, playing cards or just hanging for evening.

Having a screen door on our garage allows everyone to enjoy an evening or day outside with some fresh air without the bugs flying in and buzzing around. Being able to screen off your garage is also great for those that use their garage as a work shop or to repair your car. No need to shut the garage door to keep the bugs out, just hang up a garage screen door for a cool bug free breeze.

Garage Screen Doors

There are a couple of different designs that are sure to suit your needs and they can be installed in just a few “minutes. They are made to last and will turn your garage into a bug free “man cave” or work shop that will get hours and hours of use.

They also come in double or single garage door sizes. I particularly like the magnetic closure like a Magic Mesh Door screen door.

Garage Screen Door

2 Car Double Garage Door Screen2 Car Double Garage Door ScreenView Now

Let the fresh air in, keep those bugs out! Turn your garage into an instant screened porch! These Garage Door Screens install in seconds and give you direct access to the Great Outdoors, without any of the distractions. Leave your entry door open to let in a fresh breeze or keep an eye on the kids outside. Walk in and out with ease thanks to the center-opening and weighted base. An essential piece of gear for your next family reunion, graduation, birthday or other large event.


Single Garage Door Screens

Single garage door screens come in two styles, a full door screen or a split screen to walk through.

 Single Garage Door ScreenView Now Single Garage Door ScreenView Now Lifestyle Single Garage Door ScreenView Now Single Garage Door Screen – 8ft. X 7ft.View Now Snavely Single Garage Door ScreenView Now Snap On Single Garage Door ScreenView Now


2 Car Garage Screen Door

 2-Car-Garage Screen KitView Now 2 Car Double Garage Door ScreenView Now Double Garage Door ScreenView Now Double Garage Door ScreenView Now Two Car Garage Screen DoorView Now 2 Car Garage Screen DoorView Now


Roll Up Garage Screen Door

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  1. Gypzeerose

    These garage screen doors would add another room to your house!

  2. Wonderful idea indeed. our son-in-law’s man cave is in the garage and screens would be great there in the football season especially.

  3. This is actually a very good idea. We love to spend time puttering around in the garage but I hate mosquiotos. So a garage screen door is s perfect idea.

  4. CherylFay

    What a good idea for a garage door! Never thought about it before. Awesome idea!

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