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Garden Fences Look Great & Protect Your Garden

Garden Fences

A garden fence can act as an animal barrier to protect your flowers and vegetables, or it can simply be decorative to dress up your garden.

My mom always liked to put little white fences in front of or around her flowers. She enjoyed working in the yard, and I miss those times as a child when I used to help her. I’m so grateful for those opportunities to spend time with her and learn about planting flowers and gardening.

I’ve found some nice fences to share with you here. Whether you have a large yard or a small one, you can still plant some vegetables to eat and pretty flowers to enjoy.

Terra Garden Fence GF-4, Protect & Beautify, 32 Feet of Fencing Included, Wire Mesh Animal Barrier

 Terra Garden Fence GF-4, Protect & Beautify, 32 Feet of Fencing Included, Wire Mesh Animal BarrierCHECK PRICE

This fence is so cool! You get 32 feet of fencing, which will provide you with an 8′ x 8′ garden area, and it has mesh lining between posts to keep animals out. Now you can plant carrots and lettuce and other vegetables without the worry of rabbits and other animals eating them.

The fence is around 22″ tall, and you can configure it to your liking. It’s made of steel and wood so it’s sturdy and durable, too. The wood is made of fragrant cedar, which I love the smell of!

I can imagine a place in my back yard dug out with freshly tilled dirt and my vegetable seeds being planted. I used to love pulling carrots from the ground. We also planted lettuce, cabbage, watermelon, green beans, potatoes and more.

Gardening is a fun family activity, and nothing tastes better than your own home-grown vegetables!

Video: Basic Gardening Tips : How to Create Good Growing Soil

Other Garden Fence Options for You

 Touch of Nature Mini Iron Fairy Panacea 89379 Romantic Folding Border Fence, Flexible White Picket Fence Garden Borders Suncast GVF24 Grand View Fence, White Old Fashioned Looking Rusty Tin Garden Darice 9148-66 Picket Fence, 18 by Decorative Garden Partitions Interlocking Border Edging Gladle® Solar Power Powered Saving Efficient Sweet Handmade Look Miniature Twig and Emsco Group 3020 20-Foot Black Elegant Origin Point 041010 Gard’n Border Round Four Paws 5 Panel Free Standing

Enjoy Your Harvested Vegetables

When you harvest your vegetables, try this wonderful combination for a delectable dish!

1. Combine stringed green beans, potatoes, onions and either ham or bacon bites together in a stock pot.

2. Boil until tender and enjoy!

Tall Garden Fences

Garden fences will help keep out some garden pests, and they also offer a lovely outline around your plants, flowers and veggies.

 Terra Garden Fence GF-4 (White), Protect Terra Garden Fence GF-8, Protect & Specrail Roxbury ROXBURY24SP Aluminum Garden Fence Panacea Wire Garden Border Fence with Terra Garden Fence GF-7, 47 Suncast FS4423 Outdoor Screen Enclosure 4’x50′ 4ft tall 3rd Gen Olive

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