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Garden Hose Hanger

Garden Hose Hanger

Have a house? Then you have a garden hose and some of us have more than one hose. Is your hose laying in the bushes or curled up in a ball somewhere in your yard? Tangled? Annoying? These garden hose hangers are the answer for you. It is easy to get that hose up off the ground by just hanging it on a Garden Hose Hanger.

Garden Hose Holders

There are many different ways that you can store your garden hose that are an attractive addition to your outdoor decor without the unsightly look of a crumpled hose in the bushes. Whether you want to hang the hose on your house, have a free standing garden hose hanger or have a garden hose pot, there is a style that will not only suit your needs but add a distinctive look to your yard.

Free Standing Garden Hose Holder

 Decorative Mediterranean Hose Butler StandView Now

This attractive, Mediterranean styled garden hose holder will look great on your lawn while it neatly holds your hose until you need it. Features two anchor points that strongly secure into the ground yet can easily be moved if needed. No holes to dig or cement to pour! Simply position stand and step down on anchor point to install. No damage or unsightly holes from mounting to your exterior. Made of heavy gauge, powder-coated steel for durable weather resistance.


Free Standing Garden Hose Hangers

These decorative free standing garden hose hangers are a welcome addition to your yard as they securely hold your garden hose for easy storing and easy access.

 Carrington Garden Hose Hanger/Stand – BlackView Now Carrington Garden Hose Hanger/Stand – GreenView Now Liberty Garden Hose Hanger/StandView Now Liberty Garden Hose Hanger/StandView Now Liberty Garden Hose Hanger/StandView Now Liberty Garden Hose Hanger/StandView Now Yard Butler Free-Standing Garden Hose HangerView Now Patio Garden Hose Hanger/StandView Now Fairy Garden Garden Hose StandView Now


Wall Mounted Garden Hose Hangers

These wall mounted garden hose hangers will add a decorative and personal touch to the outside of your home while keeping your hose up and off the ground.

 Bird and Branch Hose HangerView Now Liberty Hose Hanger – BronzeView Now Swivel Hose Hose HangerView Now Black Hose HangerView Now Hose Reel HangerView Now Loop Metal Hose HangerView Now Iron Hose HangerView Now Horse Hose Hanger, BronzeView Now Panacea Products Star Hose Hanger, BlackView Now Stainless Steel Hose Hanger SaddleView Now Heavy Duty Hose HangerView Now Suncast Hose HangerView Now


Garden Hose Organizers

Options, there are always options. These are also some great ways to keep your garden hose organized and out of sight.

 Liberty Garden Products Rustic Garden Hose PotView Now BirdRock Hammered Copper Water Hose Holder with LidView Now Suncast Automatic Rewind Garden Hose ReelView Now


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  1. Wow, I didn’t realize how many different options there were. There are some really pretty garden hose hangers available.

  2. I really like the free standing garden hose hangers!

  3. Gypzeerose

    Come to think about it – these garden hose hangers would really help me organize my yard and keep from injuring the hose.

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