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Accent & Garden Stools

Wood, Ceramic, Porcelain & Metal Garden Stools

Stools for the Garden

A garden stool offers people a place to sit and enjoy your garden, plus they add pretty decor to your garden areas. Place them along a flower garden path, or put some on the edge of a veggie or tree garden.

These stools for the garden are also lovely by a backyard water feature or pond, too.

You’ll find a variety of garden stools here made of interesting materials and gorgeous designs. Some of these truly are works of art, and they will add so much to your garden areas

Enjoy a garden stool made of wood, ceramic, porcelain or metal. There’s an option here for every design preference.

You can also use these stools indoors for unique decor touches throughout your home or office. Use them as a side table, to hold plants, or alone.

Wood Garden Stools

Deco 79 Teak Wood Stool

Deco 79 Teak Wood Stool, 14 by 18-InchView Now

18″ Organic Inspired Inlaid Rustic Teak Wood Slice Cylinder Stool, smooth natural surface, flat bottom base


Color: wood
Finish: natural wood grain
Theme: Organic (Rustic)
Material: teak wood


Wooden Garden Stools

These stylish and sophisticated wooden garden stools will add a delightful touch to your garden or patio, or the interior of your home. Click on photos for details and pricing.

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Ceramic Garden Stools

Castle Gardens Collection Knotted Rings Ceramic Garden Stool

5 Color Options Available!

Safavieh Castle Gardens Collection Knotted Rings Ceramic GardenView Now

The classic, knotted rings design adds a elegant accent to your home or garden
This ceramic garden stool features a fine white finish
Crafted of fine ceramic
Perfect for a garden, patio, deck, sun room, greenhouse or anywhere in your home that you want to add a fresh accent
This garden stool measures 13 inches wide by 13 inches deep by 17 inches tall

More Ceramic Garden Stools

These lovely ceramic garden stools are perfect for sitting on or working in your garden, or you can use them as plant holders, etc. Click on photos for details and pricing.

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A Garden Is…

By M. Brown

A garden is a place where one can grow along with the flowers, absorb the sunshine, breathe in the fresh air, and enjoy life!

A garden is a place of refuge for the soul. A place to explore and enjoy nature. A place where you can help nurture living things and be good to the environment.

A garden is a treasure and a pleasure! How do you enjoy your garden time?

Porcelain Garden Stools

Porcelain Garden Stools

These attractive porcelain garden stools will dress up any outdoor area such as gardens, pools, patios, and so on. To learn more about any of the products featured below, simply click on the photos.

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Metal Garden Stools

IMAX Rania Copper Plated Stool

IMAX 44195 Rania Copper Plated StoolView Now

Handcrafted solid iron foundation

Copper-plated design; exposed rivets

Due to the artisan crafted nature of this product, no two will be identical

Stool measures 19.25″h by 15″w by 15″

IMAX Worldwide-One Source; A World of Choices!


More Metal Garden Stools

These metal garden stools will add interest and design to your garden or patio areas. Use them as stools, side tables, plant stands, etc. Click on any photo for details and pricing information.

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  1. These garden stools are so cute. I didn’t think they would provide such an accent.

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