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Get Crafty with Gourds

Gourd CraftI used to grow lots of things — almost all of my own food — on a beautiful Pennsyvlania farm, where I was a property caretaker for six years. And in addition to all the edible goodies, I also grew gourds. It was so much fun to see the shapes and sizes that would emerge, hanging from a large, 30-foot long trellis or trailing along the straw-mulched ground in my gourd garden.

When the gourds were done growing and curing, I had hours of fun turning them into all sorts of things–bird houses, bowls, pitchers, ladles, vases, rattles, or simply decorative pieces–carving, painting and otherwise embellishing them however my impulse and the shape of the gourd inspired me at the moment.

Some of the gourd craft I kept (like the vessel pictured here, with embedded tiger eye stones), and I sold many of my creations at a local fair. (Darn, I wish I’d taken pictures of those! They were, by far, my best pieces.)

Here, I’ll show you some gourd art I still have around the house and give you links to more gourd craft information and inspiration.


I love this book! It was given to me as a gift by the owners of the farm when I first began dabbling in gourd craft.

gourd craftThe Complete Book Of Gourd Craft: 22 Projects * 55 Decorative Techniques * 300 Inspirational Designs

This book covers gourd growing, harvesting, and curing as well as crafting and finishing techniques.

There are many beautiful and really creative finished products in the book, which is a good one for leaving out on the coffeetable.

For more gourd craft information, resources and ideas, visit these great sites…

Here are some more of my gourd crafts….

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