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Getting Baby To Sleep In Crib

Getting Baby To Sleep In Crib Happily

If you’re asking yourself what is the best way for getting baby to sleep in crib, you’re not the only one asking the same question, believe me!

One of the biggest problems parents may have is settling baby, so they can get some sleep themselves. From my experiences, I can help you by sharing below a few good ideas that should work. Sometimes, the obvious is not all that apparent to us when we are sleep deprived. I hope I can help :-)

Below, you can also find some quality and nice looking baby cribs available online. Just choose the one that will work best for your child.

Baby will not sleep in crib?

One Of The Very Common Baby Sleep Issues

If you are having trouble and wondering how to get baby to sleep in crib, then you first need to make sure all the physical things are not causing any problems. Here is a quick list of things to check.

* Make sure where your baby sleeps is actually conducive to sleep. The first thing is noise. Although you don’t want to have her only able to sleep in a void, it will be helpful to cut down loud noise as much as possible. Often, just the addition of ”white noise” will help to sooth and relax. White noise is something that deadens and softens other noises. You can use something like some soft music, or a fan blowing.

* Make sure your baby’s clothing, diaper and bedding are all fresh and clean.
* Use a topical pain lotion when necessary for any teething pain
* Check the temperature of the room is good, not too hot or too cold and make adjustments to baby’s bedding if necessary.

Tip 1 For Getting Baby To Sleep In Crib

Try Soothing Ambient Music

Make “white noise”. You don’t want your baby’s room to be dead silent, as any loud or sudden noises may waken him. It is a good idea to keep the bedroom door open, so the normal sounds of the house surround and soothe. Some people use fans to create white noise or a radio on low can also have a gentle effect.

Disney Lullaby AlbumDisney Lullaby Album
Rainforest Music Natures LullabiesRainforest Music Nature”s Lullabies
Baby Einstein Lullaby ClassicsBaby Einstein Lullaby Classics


Specialized Sleeping Baby Music

There is a range of different products available that you can buy to provide ambient “white noise”. On the whole, the better of these are relaxing music played in loops. Below is a selection of specialized sleeping baby music that may help.

The Mozart Effect - Music for Babies Playtime to SleepytimeThe Mozart Effect Music for Babies Playtime to Sleepytime
The Mozart Effec: Music for Babies Vol. 2 Nighty NightThe Mozart Effect Music for Babies Vol. 2 Nighty Night
Sleepy Baby SuiteSleepy Baby Suite Soothing Music

Music for Babies Sleepy BabyMusic for Babies
Baby Dreams Vol 1Baby Dreams Vol 1
Naptime MelodiesNaptime Melodies

Tools For Playing Soothing Sleepy Baby Music

There are a few options to make life easier. Here are appliances to play soothing sounds and baby sleeptime music, automatically for you.

Baby Shusher - The Soothing Sleep Miracle for BabiesBaby Shusher – The Soothing Sleep Miracle for Babies
myBaby SoundSpa PortablemyBaby SoundSpa Portable
myBaby Soundspa Lullaby Sound Machine and ProjectormyBaby Soundspa Lullaby Sound Machine and Projector

Tip 2 For Getting Baby To Sleep In Crib

If you are wondering “How to get my baby to sleep in her crib” try this:

A light or projector that displays still or moving patterns on the walls and roof can soothe and relax a baby. Here are some really nice night lights and projectors that can help to lull a baby into a sweet sleep:

Munchkin Nursery Projector and Sound System WhiteMunchkin Nursery Projector and Sound System White
Baby Soother Musical Night Light ProjectorBaby Soother – Lullaby Musical Night Light Soother and Star Projector with Touch Sensors
Night Projector LightNight Projector Light Lamp Stars

Cloud b Twilight Constellation Night Light Lady BugCloud b Twilight Constellation Night Light Lady Bug
Night Projector and Sound Shooter 6 LullabiesStarry Night Projector and Sound Shoote 6 Lullabies 4 Nature Sounds Large LCD Alarm Clock
Projector Star Master Nite LightStar Master Nite Light Projector

If Baby Will Not Sleep In Crib – Still ..

Sometimes us mothers just need a little help and to be pointed in the right direction. Here is a sleeping baby program that can help you start learning how to get your baby to sleep in the next five minutes! Go have a look at what customers are saying about it – it is all good.

Highly recommended!

Getting Baby To Sleep photo GettingBabyToSleep_zpsb7f8fd00.jpg

Will Toys Help Baby Sleep In Crib?

Toys or No Toys in Baby’s Crib? – Safety First Please!

A lot of parents put several toys into the crib. Some people think this is wrong and others will disagree. You will need to figure out what works best for you and your baby.

I certainly used plenty of toys in my babies cribs and I do think it helps a lot. Especially when there is a special toy your baby is attached to. Just make sure to choose soft toys, with no dangerous parts.

Below is a selection of safe toys to put into a crib to help a baby sleep.

Ty Pluffie Winks by TyTy Pluffie – Winks by Ty
Ty Beanie Ballz Bonsai The PandaTy Beanie Ballz Bonsai The Panda Large
BABY TIPTOP Pink GiraffeBABY TIPTOP – Pink Giraffe


Baby Crib Toys & Attachments

Help Your Baby Settle and Sleep Well

Here are some delightful crib toys for your baby’s pleasure and to enhance relaxation and sleep.

Lamaze Freddie The Firefly Musical MobileLamaze Freddie The Firefly Musical Mobile
Tiny Love Take Along Mobile Animal FriendsTiny Love Take Along Mobile Animal Friends
Fisher-Price 2-in-1 Projection Mobile Precious PlanetFisher-Price 2-in-1 Projection Mobile Precious Planet

Fisher-Price Musical Mobile Rainforest Peek-a-Boo LeavesFisher-Price Musical Mobile Rainforest Peek-a-Boo Leaves
Mobile Tiny Princess BabyTiny Love Take Along Mobile Tiny Princess
Tiny Love Animal Friends Take Along Universal MobileTiny Love Animal Friends Take Along Universal Mobile


Have any comments about how to get a baby to sleep?

I – and our readers – would love to hear any tips from experienced Mommies, on getting babies off to a peaceful slumber. Please share yours, OK?

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  1. Interesting article with some very helpful advice for the first time mother.

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