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Getting the right Diamond Antique Engagement Ring

Traditionally, a male would search for the perfect engagement ring for his spouse to be, although it is now becoming increasingly more common for both the bride and groom to shop together for their ring. This of course means that there is much less ‘pressure’ on the groom-to-be to get the choice right. One of the most popular styles of engagement ring out there at the moment are antique ones. These have a number of benefits, uniqueness probably being the number one of these. This article is intended to be a discussion of how you can go about choosing the correct diamond antique engagement ring for your needs. You may think that your choice is going to be limited when you buy antique, but it really isn’t, there is a plethora of options out there on the market which will ensure you get the right one.

vintage engagement ring

When you first go shopping, you will of course need to know the budget that you are working with. There is no sense finding the perfect antique engagement ring and not being able to afford it.

You will then need to decide is the ‘setting’ of the ring.  This really is going to be a personal choice here. Choose whichever look ‘resonates’ with your personality. You will just ‘know’ that it is the right ring when you see it.

The next thing that you need to look at is the ‘diamond’ that you are purchasing. This is probably going to be one of the most important factors in the decision making process. These are terms that you will encounter whilst you are shopping:

  1. Carat: This is simply the mass of the gemstone, the higher the ‘carat’ the more diamond that you are going to get for your money. Larger diamonds are less popular, but highly sought after.
  2. Clarity: These are the ‘internal’ defects within the diamond. These should be fully noted by the dealer. Sometimes the ‘defect’ isn’t noticeable, and you could make big savings based on this!
  3. Colour: This again is incredibly important; after all, most people fall in love with the colour of the diamond. Remember though, some colours will command a much higher price than others out there!
  4. Cut: This is the ‘shape’ of the diamond. Many people start looking for a particular cut of a diamond first. If you are buying without the aid of your lover, then consider what cut they generally consider in their rings, or maybe even ask them! (if you want to be obvious)

Finally, remember to choose the right size for your partner to be. The uniqueness of an antique engagement ring means it may not be available in your size, although quite often they can be ‘resized’ by a craftsmen.

As a note, when you purchase an antique engagement ring, diamond or otherwise, you may notice that there is a little bit of ‘wear’ or slight damage to the ring. Don’t worry too much about this, any damage can easily be repaired by a skilled craftsmen, and this won’t devalue the ring in the slightest! Remember, this ring has been around for a number of years, and it could be around for many hundreds more!

I hope this has given you some sort of indication about what you should be on the lookout for when you purchase your ring. If you truly do want an antique, then make sure that you use a reputable retailer to purchase from. These companies will guarantee that you get genuine antique engagement rings. There are far too many companies out there that supply replicas in order to cash in on the craze.

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