Good Reads: Peter Ackroyd Writes Ghost Stories

It’s October and in America we will be celebrating Halloween at the end of the month. Horror movies are not my favorite movie genre, but on October 31st, an exception is made. Sometimes being scared out of your wits is just plain old fun!

If you aren’t into movies but you don’t mind reading a scary ghost story, then you may have heard of Peter Ackroyd.

Peter Ackroyd is a writer, in more ways than one. He’s a poet, biographer, and historian. He writes mysteries like The Trial of Elizabeth Cree; a murder mystery set in 1880 Victorian London. People like to describe him as eccentric. Eccentric? Hmmm? Guess that means he even writes ghost stories!

In the mood for ghost stories?

Since it is Halloween season, maybe his collection of English ghost stories might be fun!

What do you think? Want to dive in? You go first! I’m a scared-dee cat! :)

The English Ghost: Spectres Through Time

If you like ghost stories, here are some more suggestions.

A History of Ghosts: The True Story of Séances, Mediums, Ghosts, and Ghostbusters

The Haunted House (Hesperus Classics)

Ghost Hoarder: Conjuring & Photographing Spirits, Aliens and Demons

True Ghost Stories: Frightening Accounts of Haunted Houses, Paranormal Mysteries, and Unexplained Phenomenon

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Do you have a favorite ghost story? (Excluding “The Chrismas Carol” by Charles Dickens.)

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