Gifts for 7 Year Old Girls

Gifts for 7 Year Old Girls

There are many great options for gifts for 7 year old girls. At that age they normally love games, dolls and playing outdoors. 7 year old girls can be very silly and giggly, but they are also getting to an age where they can be serious and even moody at times. I think this age is so much fun. Girls are learning and growing by leaps and bounds. Give them a gift they will enjoy and remember.

Ride On Toys and Outdoor Play for 7 Year Old Girls

7 Year Olds Love to Play Outside

Playing outdoors was a big part of my childhood, and I think every child should experience outdoor play on a daily basis. These ride on toys can be used outdoors and indoors, and they make great gifts for 7 year old girls. Which one will the child in your life enjoy the most? These will provide hours of fun, and they will make her feel as though she has her own car to drive around the neighborhood. I wish I would have had one of these growing up. The EZRoller is a popular choice with children, and a bicycle never goes out of style. Scooters are fun and easy to use, and all of these provide exercise and movement in the great outdoors!

Ezy Roller – RedCoastal Bike, Stardust Pink, 20-InchRazor Jr. Kiddie Kick Scooter, PinkGirls Bike (20-Inch Wheels), Blue/PinkSchwinn Girl’s Mist Polo Bike, 20-Inch, MintPeppermint Swir Bike (20-Inch Wheels)

Adorable Dolls for 7 Year Old Girls

I love dolls when I was a child. Anything from baby dolls to Barbie Dolls. I played with dolls well into my early teens. It’s fun for little girls to imagine having their own family and taking care of their own babies. These dolls for 7 year old girls are age appropriate, and will offer her years of enjoyment. Remember to give doll accessories as gifts, too, such as blankets, diapers, diaper bag, bottles, clothing and so on. She’s going to want the entire package!

Melissa & Doug Brianna – 12Disney Frozen Sparkle Princess Elsa DollLifelike Realistic Baby DollMonster High Amanita Nightshade DollEver After High Madeline Hatter DollDisney Princess Royal Celebrations Ariel Doll

Arts and Crafts for Girls 7 Years Old

More great gift ideas for 7 year old girls are arts and crafts gifts! Girls can create and use things that they’ve made. They will enjoy showing these items off to family and friends, and they might even decide to give some as gifts themselves for birthdays and Christmas. Arts and crafts for 7 year old girls can include a variety of age-appropriate projects. These are fun at slumber parties, too! Your child might want you to work on these with her, or she might prefer to do the crafting on her own. Allow her to explore and be creative and let those juices flow!

Orb Factory Sticky Mosaics: Jewelry BoxCheck PriceALEX® Toys – Craft My First Sewing Kit 195WNCheck PriceStick N’ Style BlingletsCheck Price

More Gift Ideas for 7 Year Old Girls

Here are some more gift ideas for 7 year old girls that you might enjoy giving and she might enjoy receiving! Remember at this age, the gift giving package will impress her, too, so dress it up with baubles and bows, or present her gifts in a gift basket, if possible. Give her a great card, too, and she will have a memorable gift from you that she will love and appreciate!

Barbie Girls MP3 Player – PinkBARSKA 10×25 Pink Porro BinocularsBallerina Treasure Music BoxSecret Diary with Lock, Fancy ButterflyPOOF-Slinky Scientific ExplorerMonopoly Junior Party

Stephen Joseph Girls 2-6X Go Go Purse

Stephen Joseph Girls 2-6X Go Go PurseCHECK PRICE

More Purses for 7 Year Old Girls

Little girls enjoy having their own purses and other bags to carry their belongings in. They will enjoy these cute designs, and will love carrying them to the store, when traveling, and so on…

Stephen Joseph Girls 2-6X Quilted Purse, Butterfly, One SizeCHECK PRICEStephen Joseph Girls 2-6X Go-Go Purse, Butterfly, One SizeCHECK PRICEExpressions Girl / Heart Handbag with Accessories, One Assorted Pink or FuschiaCHECK PRICEColorful Ladybug Print Small Hipster Cross Body Shoulder Bag Purse Handbag with Pink TrimCHECK PRICEGirls Patchwork Purse With Strap And Sequins BrightCHECK PRICEGirls Bright Butterfly Patch Handbag And Coin Purse PurpleCHECK PRICE

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