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My Top Picks: Great Gifts for Grandmothers!

My Top Ten Gift Ideas for Grandmothers

Giving gifts to an old woman can be actually quite easy. Just give her what she wants and not what you think would suit her. if your granny loves to drink coffee, why not give her a new replacement for her coffee maker? If she likes to watch a lot of TV, give her a gift basket full of muchies for her TV sessions. I’d say the best gift for her would depend on her personality.

If you are still in the dark, I’ve just listed some gifts that would delight many types of grandma.

A Framed Poem: For Grandma With Love

A Really Touching Gift for Granny

A framed poem is a great way to express how you feel for a loved one. You do not have to read this aloud to her, but it would add flair if you would!

Get It Here

Grandmother/Granddaughter Charms

A Cool Jewelry Gift for Granny

This is a perfect necklace for grandmother and granddaughter that can bring charm and bonding. Wonderful for any occasion – rain or shine!

Get It Here

Spa Gift Basket

Make Granny Feel Young Again!

Let her feel super young again soaking in the bathtub with this spa set! Perfect gift to granny whether it is Mother’s day, grandparent’s day or Christmas!

She will definitely spend longer baths with this!

Get It Here

High Velocity Desk Fan

To Keep Granny Cool During the Summer!

This is just perfect for grannies who like to sit on the porch swing and sleep or read a book (or both!).

A new kind of fan is here! Your granny will surely be satisfied with the performance, elegant design, 90 degree oscillation, 3 motor speeds, and the lowest noise output in its class. This would be the most valuable yet very affordable fan. Time to fight the summer heat!

Get It Here

Candles and Candle Holders


There are a new type of candles and candle holders that hold a touching message. Best read when the candle is burning for a beautiful dramatic effect!

Get It Here

Gardening Tools

A Great Gift Idea for Grandmothers Who Love Gardening

Greet your grandmother HAPPY GARDENING!

Pink garden kit – lovely gift for your granny as it brings the girlish youthful color in her. I love it whenever grandmother’s favorite color is pink. She thinks that she’s the old portrayal of Elle Woods (the Legally Blonde girl). Make gardening more comfortable using these seven right tools for every task. The hand tools are easy to use and great for digging, planting bulbs, weeding and pruning. Set contains knee pad, apron, gloves, small garden trowel, garden trowel, garden fork and pruning shears.

Get It Here

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DIY Gift Idea for Granny!

You can check out this video for a DIY gift for grandmothers!

Say It With a DIY Card!

Why Not Add a Cute Card Before You Give Your Present to Grandma?

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