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Holiday Gifts for Knitters

What to Get Your Knitter for the Holidays?

Christmas, Hanukkah, birthdays … there’s always some gift-giving occasion just around the corner. If someone on your gift list is a knitter, you may want to give them a gift that relates to their hobby. But it’s hard to decide what to choose, especially if you don’t knit.

In order to help you select a gift for the knitter in your life, I’ve compiled a curated (reviewed) list of Gifts for Knitters. There are many types of gifts for knitters here; one or more will be right for your favorite knitter.

Gifts for Knitters


We all have different gift budgets. The lists begin with some very low cost gifts, things kids can buy from their allowances, that will be appreciated. Some items, like a tape measure, are useful enough any knitter will be happy to get one, even if she (or he) already has one.

Other people can afford to spend top-dollar for special, unique knitting gifts. How about an ebony knitting needle kit or a luxury knitting bag?

Knitting Poster

Gifts of All Types

The article is illustrated with knitting artwork, all of which can be purchased for hanging across from the knitter’s favorite chair.

Two things knitters don’t mind having in multiples are stitch markers and project bags. Stitch markers are used for keeping track of one’s wrk in progress, and can range from simple (and very inexpensive) yarn loops and safety pins to costly, hand made markers with beads and semi-precious stones. Think of them as knitting jewelry. Many knitters have several projects they work on at the same time; it’s nice to keep each in its own bag. I showcase several bags with knitting themes from Zazzle.

Humorous Gifts

Light-up knitting needles? Very few knitters have these needles with LEDs in their tips, so the knitter can see the stitches in the dark. I have no idea if these work, but they would definitely make an interesting knitting gift.

There’s an App for That

The opening screen of Yarn Needs

If the knitter in your life has an iPhone or iPod Touch, you might consider getting them one or more knitting apps. I developed the Knit Suite family of knitting applications for knitters who need just a little bit of reference material on their iPhones, not a large app with features they don’t need and just take up space. One app in particular, Yarn Needs, is useful for non-knitters who are forced to go to yarn shows and sheep festivals — it will let your knitter know how much yarn to buy for a project for you!

There are Always Books

Buying books for knitters is always tricky. Either they already have the book, or the book is on a topic that doesn’t appeal to them.

My solution is to buy books that are “eye-candy” — beautifully produced, stunning projects that are worth looking at, even if they are never knitted. And if the book is from a small press, and somewhat hard to find … even better. The book, Unexpected Knitting, fits these criteria perfectly.

Another option is to get a book that has not yet been published. The Principles of Knitting will be on sale just in time for the Christmas season, 2011. Click the link for a thorough review.

And Finally …

Happy Boy with Mittens

I love my mittens, Mom!

Why not give your knitter a gift for both of you? Yarn and the pattern for a project for you will make you both happy.


Gifts for Knitters: the List


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