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Gifts for Sci-Fi Fans: Alien, Star Trek, War of the Worlds, Etc.

Lots of cool stuff going on in the world of science fiction. Such as? Such as uuumm … adult coloring books. Yeah. I know everybody is into coloring books. But did you like the 1979 film Alien which starred Signourney Weaver? It’s been almost 40 years but guess what? Livescience.com recommends the ‘Alien’ Coloring Book. “Promises an Out-of-This-World Experience”. If LiveScience says it, you can probably believe it! :)

Additionally, some folks are taking their throwback craze a step further back by looking at not so well known corny sci-fi comedies. Latched on to this idea after reading an article by SlashFilm.com: The Best Sci-Fi Comedies You’ve Never Seen. This flick is not on their list but if you’re a Star Trek loyalist, you might want to add this comedy to your watch list.

PLOT: “Two less-than-successful film producers, approaching midlife crisis and clinging to their nerdy sci-fi obsessions, suddenly meet their idol: William Shatner.” Free Enterprise

Last but not least. War of the Worlds is being adapted for television by the BBC. Doesn’t surprise me they’d take on a project like this. Me? I’m a War of the Worlds fan. Serve it to me any way you like. Books, movies, TV series. I’ll even take a vintage sci-fi poster. It’s all good.

War of the Worlds

Vintage Movie Posters

buyartforless : The War of The Worlds 1953 H.G. Wells 29.5X19.5 Movie Art Print Poster Classic Hollywood Science Fiction

The War of the Worlds POSTER Movie (30 x 40 Inches) (1953)


The War of the Worlds by H. G. Wells (Paperback)

The War of The Worlds (1953 Film Adaptation)



War of the Worlds: The Complete Series

War of the Worlds [Blu-ray]


Recommendations for Readers of Science Fiction and Fantasy Books

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  1. Gypzeerose

    I leapt right onto this page! I love sci-fi, love the recommendations. Great gifts for sci-fi fans

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