Gifts for Teenage Guys

Great Gifts for Teenage Guys!

It’s best to consider personal style and character when choosing gifts for teenage guys. Many are at that awkward age between boy and man, but most have a fairly well developed sense of what they do and do not like. Looking carefully at their interests and hobbies is a good way to determine what sort of gifts may be best received.

Interests from which to develop a list may include sports, such as clothing featuring their favorite sports team. Some may have a hobby, such as electronics, which can produce a large list of ideas.

Gifts for teenage guys can also include an interest in science fiction or just science. Gifts can be something to promote further exploration into interests they already have. In today’s culture, there are many computer geeks in the making, so something to guide them in that area would be appreciated. It all depends on who is to receive the gift.

There are times, however, when a gift must be purchased for a teenager who is not well known to us. If that is the case, there are luckily many options for generic gifts for teenage guys. Electronic and computer games are well accepted by many different people, including teenage boys.

It isn’t difficult to find out what is popular at any given time in order to choose the best item. You can click on an item on this page to see more options within any particular area. 

Clothing is also an option, but again, do some research into what is popular so the gift will actually be worn.

Gifts for teenage guys can be as simple or elaborate as needed or desired. When they are at that age, sometimes the best we can hope for is to find something they will not immediately disregard as “uncool”. Trends can be easily investigated, so finding the right gift does not have to be rocket science. Whether the teen is well known to the gift giver or not, there are a wide variety of gifts available that suit any occasion-AND every teenager.

Skulpture Kits for Teenage Boys

For teenage boys who are creative and like to build things with their own hands, these skulpture kits make the perfect gifts for birthdays, Christmas and any occasion!

 OWI Samurai Scorpion Aluminum Skulpture KitCHECK PRICE OWI T-Rex Aluminum Skulpture KitCHECK PRICE OWI Mega Mantis Aluminum Skulpture KitCHECK PRICE

Jewelry Gifts for Teenage Boys

Many teenage boys enjoy wearing jewelry, and they would love to receive some as a gift! Here are some great jewelry gifts for teenage guys.

 Jakob Strauss Stainless Steel Gents Double Row Black BraceletCHECK PRICE U.S. Polo Assn. Sport Men’s US9061 Black Rubber Strap WatchCHECK PRICE

 Phoenix Bird Firebird Pewter Pendant NecklaceCHECK PRICE Stainless Steel Mens Biker Dragon Claw W. Black Crystal Ring (Size 7 to 15)CHECK PRICE

Clothing Gifts for Teenage Guys

Give the teenage guys in your life a gift of clothing. When they become teenagers, many guys start caring more about their appearance, so give them something cool and stylish!

 DC Comics Superman Man Of Steel Silver Logo T-ShirtCHECK PRICE Supra Vaider Men’s SneakersCHECK PRICE Under Armour Men’s Armour® Stretch Fit CapCHECK PRICE

Electronic Gift Ideas

Electronic items are popular with teenage boys. They love to listen to music, text, explore the wonderful world of the web and socialize on Facebook, Instagram and other social network sites.

Samsung Galaxy Ace S5830 US 3G 850/1900 5MP / WIFI / GPS / Touch Screen Unlocked World Smartphone International VersionCheck PriceSanDisk Sansa Clip+ 4 GB MP3 Player (Black)Check PriceJLab JBuds Hi-Fi Noise-Reducing Ear Buds with Universal Microphone (Black)Check Price

Lazer Tag Sets

Lazer tag is a pain-free way to shoot your friends and family and win the game. These lazer tag sets are perfect for teen boys and adults.

They’ll enjoy running around trying to shoot their opponent, and trying to keep from getting shot. Paintball can be painful, but lazer tag is not!

You’ll love giving any of these sets to your favorite teen guys! Prices range from expensive to affordable, depending on how deluxe of a set you choose.

LAZERTAG Multiplayer Battle SystemCheck PriceLazer Tag Team Ops Deluxe 2-Player SystemCheck PriceLazer M.A.D. 2.0 Battle SetCheck PriceNerf Dart Tag Strikefire 2-Player Duel System (Colors May Vary)Check Price

Amazon Gift Cards

Amazon gift cards allow your family, friends and co-workers to choose the exact items they want. These are great stocking fillers, or stick them in a birthday or Christmas card as an extra special surprise. Black Gift Card Box – $50, Birthday Presents Snowflake Gift Card Tin – $50Amazon Gift Card – $25 Gift Cards – 3-pack (Holiday Globe)Amazon Gift Card – Gift Card with Greeting Card – $20 (Classic)

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