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Giraffe Vases – Unique Decor

Lovely and Unique Giraffe Vases

These giraffe vases are extremely unique and very cool! They go well with animal print themes and even modern themes! Give a giraffe vase as a gift, and watch people’s faces light up with delight!

You’re going to enjoy the variety of giraffe vases for sale here! Each one has it’s own style and beauty!

You can display these gorgeous vases alone or with flowers in them. They will look fabulous on a table, a bookshelf, a dresser and so on…

Bring a touch of the wild into your home with one of these beautiful giraffe vases!

Giraffe Vases Add Beauty to Your Home

Franz Porcelain Endless Beauty Giraffe Flower Vase

Imagine this beautiful mother and baby giraffe flower vase sitting on a coffee table or side table in your living room, or on your bedroom dresser. The sweet design on this vase features a mother giraffe washing her baby! Place some fresh or dried flowers in the vase, or display it by itself. Either way, this giraffe vase will make a powerful statement to your home decor.

Vases also make great wedding gifts, as well as gifts for Christmas, birthdays, Mother’s Day and so on. The delightfulness of this giraffe vase will please any gift recipient.

This handcrafted underglaze porcelain vase stands 16″ tall.


Franz Porcelain Endless Beauty Giraffe Vase

Franz Porcelain Endless Beauty giraffe mid size vase

Here’s another beautiful mother and baby giraffe design on a Franz flower vase. This vase is smaller than the one featured above, standing only 8″ tall, but it is also a beautiful design, and will add lovely decor to any room in your home!

Imagine it holding roses, carnations or other flowers, or display it in a China cabinet.


Cool Giraffe Vases

Here are three unique vases all with a giraffe theme. You’ll enjoy displaying these in prominent places in your home or your office. Give one as a gift for any occasion to family and friends, as well.

 Chive – Cute Porcelain Flower Vase, Design Toscano Giraffes of the Savanna Bombay Giraffe Print Ceramic Vase (12-Inch) Chive – Cute Porcelain Flower Vase, Chive – Cute Porcelain Flower Vase, SPI Home- San Pacific Intl 34081 Oggetti Hand Blown Glass Sculpture Amber Giraffe Safari Decorative Antique Bronze Finish Arthur Court 1-Quart Giraffe Pitcher

Beautiful Giraffe Vases

Vintage Signed Nachtmann Safari Giraffe Frosted and Clear Crystal Vase with Chipped Ice Edge Made in GermanyFancy Flower Vase Resin Collectible Giraffe Wild Life Pot Interior DecorationFranz Porcelain African Dream giraffe mid size vaseGiraffe Vase, Porcelain Giraffe Sculpture Vase original hand made ceramic

Giraffe Vases for Baby’s Nursery

These precious pastel giraffes will make a terrific addition to baby’s nursery. Fill them with flowers for a new baby arrival or baby shower, too!

Musical Pink Giraffe Planter Plays “Brahms Lullaby.” Adorable Nursery DecorMusical Blue Giraffe Planter For Baby Nursery and Baby DecorWhimsical Giraffe and Elephant Animal Vase with Stacked Block Design Baby Nursery or Baby Shower Decoration

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