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Gifts for Tree Lovers : Give the Blessing of a Tree

When John the Apostle described his vision wherein he saw what heaven looked like, he wrote about seeing “the tree of life” and said that “the leaves of the tree were for the healing of the nations.” Wouldn’t it be wonderful if all tree leaves could be used for the healing of nations?

What would the earth’s landscape be like were it not for trees? Can you imagine?

No need to imagine. It would be like Saturn, Jupiter, Mars or any of the other planets.

Tree sitting is when a protester sits in a tree, to protect it from being cut down. It is an act of civil disobedience that sometimes results in forcible removal of the protestor from the tree.

Trees are of critical importance to our environment. The urgency of preserving, maintaining and cultivating trees can not be overstated or simplified.

All the trees on our planet are “trees of life” and they can all contribute to healing the world.

So I ask you:

Need a gift idea? Give a tree!

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A Bonsai Tree is a Gift That is Seldom (if ever) RE-Gifted

Christmas Holly Bonsai Ilex Aquifolium

Lovely as a holiday decoration, but there is no reason not to showcase its loveliness all year round.
Holly Bonsai Tree

Ilex Aquifolium Christmas Common Holly * Bonsai Tree 10 Seeds Evergreen Amazing * Rare

Ilex Aquifolium Christmas Common Holly Bonsai Tree 5 Seeds Evergreen Amazing Rare

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Bonsai trees are proving to be very popular gifts for the holiday season. Here are some more suggested gift ideas.

Ilex Aquifolium Christmas Common Holly * Bonsai Tree 10 Seeds Evergreen Amazing * Rare

Bonsai Red Pyracantha 50 Seeds

Pennplax Red Bonsai Tree Aquarium Decor, 8-Inch

Brussel’s Japanese Red Quince Bonsai – Medium – (Outdoor) – Not Sold in California or Arizona

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  1. I’ve always found bonsai trees lovely and the Christmas bonsai featured above is the kind of gift I’d be grateful to get.

  2. Trees are indeed a very good gift!!

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