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Get Creative with Glass Block

Glass Block is More Than Just Windows

Do you remember glass block windows from years ago? Well they are gaining popularity once again. Some people like using them for basement windows, while others will use them to add privacy to a shower, and some even use them to make lovely holiday decor.

My uncle made a glass block filled with Christmas lights for me one year, and it’s lovely plugged in for the holidays! There are many things you can do with glass block, and I’ll share some of those here with you today.

Please share what you do with glass block in the comment section near the end of this page. I love to hear new and fresh ideas, and you might even help others!

Uses for Glass Block Windows

There are many things you can do with glass block windows. Here are some suggestions…

*Use them for windows, like the photo here shows
*Use them to give privacy for a shower in a bathroom
*Buy the craft blocks and fill them with Christmas lights (clear or colored), small Christmas bulbs, other holiday lights, small plastic pumpkins, seashells, other small collectibles.
*Let kids paint them
*Fill them with tinsel for Christmas
*They make great basement windows, because they block others from seeing in, while still allowing light in

Photo from Wikimedia Commons

Glass Block Windows

Use these for basements and crawl spaces to allow light in while developing privacy from others seeing into your home. Some people use glass block to block a shower or toilet for privacy while still allowing light through.

 Quality Glass Block 32 x 16 Quality GLass Block 32 x 16 Quality Glass Block 32 x 24 PITTSBURGH CORNING CORP. 32×16 Vent BLCK Quality Glass Block 32 x 16

Glass Block for Crafts

Fill these glass blocks with lights, seashells, tinsel, small collectibles and anything else you can think of. They make unique and fun gifts that are personalized and enjoyed by all! Let your crafty side come out, and show others you care.

 Quality Glass Block 6 x 6 KraftyBlok 113, Glass Crafting Block 4-Inch Pre-drilled Glass Block 8x8x3 IceScapes Pattern Make Fantastic Decorations Using this Pull-Apart Dichroic Water Ripple Glass Block -7.5 Parallel Dichroic Glass Block – 7.5

Illuminated Glass Block with Clear Christmas Lights for Craft and Holiday Décor

Illuminated Glass Block with Clear Christmas Lights for Craft and Holiday Décor

This photo from Amazon is a good example of what a glass block looks like filled with lights. You can set these inside your home or on your porch for festive touches during any holiday or even when throwing a pool party or other outdoor event.

Use clear or colored lights. You can also place small glass or metal ornaments in with the lights. Just make sure if you put something in along with the lights, that there is no fire hazard. The items should be heat and fire proof.

These are so pretty in a dimly lit house or outdoors when it’s dark outside! I love mine!


Video: Glass Block Craft Ideas

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