Glass Tile Gives You a Classic Look That You Will Love

Beautiful Glass Tile for Backsplashes and Showers

I absolutely love glass tiles, and if I could afford to redecorate my kitchen and bathroom properly, I would definitely want to incorporate some type of glass tiles in each room.

You can use glass tiles in your kitchen as a beautiful backsplash option, or use them on your bathroom walls, shower walls or floors.

There are a variety of tile sizes and colors available. Many are priced individually and in groups, so click on the photo, or the button below each photo for more details and pricing information.

Glass Subway Tile (Teal)

These teal subway tiles are made of glass, and are ideal for a kitchen backsplash or shower walls and floors. Place them anywhere in your kitchen or bathroom for a classy touch that will leave you smiling.

Glass Subway Tile (Teal)

Glass Subway Tile

Glass subway tile has found itself back in popularity. In days of old, it was the tile of choice for bathrooms and kitchens, and has once again become quite popular in new homes and remodels. You can find many colors of subway tiles on Amazon. I’m featuring four colors here that I think you’ll love.

Glass Subway Tile (Powder Room Green)Glass Subway Tile (True Gray)Glass Subway Tile (Light Taupe)10 Sq Ft of Snow White 3×6 Glass Subway Tiles

Blue Stainless Steel + Blue (Diamond Shape) Glass + Blue Galaxy Glass

I love the colors and designs in this unique glass tile pattern! Wouldn’t this tile be lovely in your kitchen and your bathroom? Blue stainless steel and glass tiles mix to form a unique and lovely pattern that is sure to wow all who see them.

Blue Stainless Steel + Blue (Diamond Shape) Glass + Blue Galaxy Glass

Beautiful Glass Tiles

Some of My Favorites

You must click on the first photo to truly appreciate the beauty of the blues in the glass tile. I posted this pic, because it gives you a good idea of how to use these tiles, but it doesn’t show the beautiful colors like some of the other photos on the information page! Please check it out!

 Rip Curl Green and Blue Hand Orgamy – 1

More Lovely Glass & Stone Tiles

 Peel & Impress 11 Golden Select Glass and Stone Mosaic MS International Windsor Canyon Interlocking 12 Multi Color Blue / Frost Oval Peel & Impress 11 MS International White Quarry Interlocking 12 MS International Urbano Blend Interlocking 12 12 MS International Icelandic Blend Pattern 12 Peel & Impress 11 Peel & Impress 11.25 Peel & Impress 11.25 Dessert King – 1 MS International Stonegate Interlocking 12 in. Mosaik High-Gloss Mosaic in Beige &

Simple Colors, Unique Designs

 Bubbles SNOW DOVE Mosaic Tiles with Glass Stone Mosaic TILE for Bathroom,

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