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Gray Away Hair Spray

Gray Away Hair Color Spray

The Gray away hair color spray won’t flake like some similar products will do. It is only temporary though, and it will wash out with shampoo. I like that though, because I don’t have to put harsh chemicals on my hair to cover my gray. I simply spray this on, go out on the town, then wash it out the next day. It’s quick and easy and it won’t harm my hair!

Don’t get me wrong, I like my gray hair, I really do, it’s just on special occasions, I want to look my best, and that sometimes mean I don’t want “salt and pepper” hair. I want a unified look, and let’s face it, I want to look younger. I wish I was like my mom who didn’t start getting gray until she was in her 60s. My dad on the other hand was gray in his early 20s. I’m somewhere in-between.

Gray Away Root Concealer Reviews


Overall the gray away root concealer has an average 4 out of 5 star rating with over 300 customer reviews at the time of this writing (that information is taken from the Amazon product page).

•It’s quick and easy to use.

•No harsh chemicals like hair dyes have

•It won’t flake

•A quick fix to a younger looking you!


Some customers complained that it rubbed off hours after applying, so you might want to wash your hair before going to bed. (Some customers say they haven’t had any problems with it running off, so I think it depends on your system.

• If you have a lot of gray to cover, then this might only last for a few applications.

•One customer complained that the Auburn was more brown than red.

•One customer complained of it looking powdery.

This is where you order all of the colors. Simply click on the Title at the bottom of this text to be taken to the order page, where you can choose your color and the quantity that you desire.

Gray Away Root Concealer-Check Price

Each 1.5 oz. can of Gray Away Hair Spray will give you approximately 40 applications.

Gray Away Root Concealer

Are You Tired Of Gray Roots?

If you have gray roots and want to get rid of them, I encourage you to try the Gray Away Root Concealer! It really does work! Whether you have blonde, auburn, light brown or dark brown hair, there is a color for you!

What I love about it is that it really does match your hair color. I have light brown hair, and when I spray this on, it blends well with my color and hides the gray roots around the edges of my face and on my scalp.

This is only temporary. It will wash out with shampoo, but it’s great for quick fixes, and for people who don’t want to use hair dye on their hair!

Gray Away Hair Spray Results!

Before & After

About Gray Hair

Some researchers say that gray hair can be a sign of good health. Wild boars who were gray were found to be in prime condition. I found that fact quite interesting. Not sure if I believe it or not, but why not go with it?!

Gray hair happens due to an accumulation of hydrogen peroxide in your hair follicle roots. There is also a skin condition called Vitiligo that is caused by the same thing. I’ve recently read two articles that claim someone has come up with a cure for the Vitiligo and they claim it might work for getting rid of and/or preventing gray hair, too. Sounds good to me!

I personally want to wait until more research is done and side effects are determined before I try any new treatment, though, so I’ll stick to my Gray Away Root Concealer Spray!

Whatever Your Hair Color Is….

One thing I love about this product is that it’s available in a variety of colors. If your hair is one of the colors listed below, then you can easily and successfully use Gray Away Hair Spray!



*Light Brown

*Dark Brown

I don’t know, but the dark brown might also be able to be used on black hair.

Gray Away As Seen TV

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    Gray away seems like it will be a great beauty product!

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