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Themed Grease Halloween Costumes

Pink Ladies and T-Birds Galore – It’s a Grease Halloween Party!

Grease costumes are a great way to revive the incredible ambiance of the fifties. In 1978, one of the most famous comedy musicals in the USA is brought to the screen. Along with Saturday Night Fever, Grease was one of the most popular movie of the late seventies. The film affected a worldwide generation of teenagers.

We loved Grease; we wanted to look like Sandy, Rizzo, Dany, Keneckie, any T-Bird or Pink Lady. If you were a teenager fourty years ago, you surely sang “You’re The One That I Want” or “Summer Nights”, just like I did. Grease has definitely been the late 70s phenomenon!

Somewhere in the USA in the 1950. Sandy and Dany meet at Rydell High School. They had a puppy love last summer but Dany wouldn’t admit it to anyone. Dany treats Sandy as a stranger and Sandy wants to get Dany’s love back. She will spectacularly succeed at Rydell’s Fair.

The movie inspires a large number of themed Grease costumes for birthday parties, Halloween, cosplay and other gatherings. Each character comes right from the fifties. This film musical is not only an opportunity to make a step back to those “happy days” but is an inexhaustible resource of Halloween costume ideas for us to wear on October 31st.

Portray the Nice Sandy at Rydell

The wise Sandy wears a full circle swing skirt

Rubie’s Costume 1950’S Poodle Skirt, Pink, Large Costume

One of the first Grease costumes to inspire any woman is the one worn by Sandy, the wise young girl who’s attending Rydell classes.

Sandy (Olivia Newton-John) is a lovely young blond lady. She fell in love with Dany Zucco during summer holidays. She didn’t know she would meet him at Rydell.

The 1950s costume featured above can work greatly to portray Sandy’s character. It consists in a full circle swing skirt combined with a petticoat underneath, a short-sleeved white blouse, a black belt, a black scarf, white socks and sun glasses. Don’t forget the white tennis or sneakers to complete your look.

Instead, if you want to wear Sandy’s Grease actual outfit, here are the elements you need to make your own Sandy Grease costume at home:

* A short sleeved white blouse
* Pale yellow short coat of any color you like
* A long flared pale yellow skirt on a crinoline
* A pale yellow scarf
* White socks
* White tennis
* A ponytail style blonde wig
* Mascara, and pale pink lipstick

Grease Cheerleader Costume

Sandy’s also Rydell’s team cheerlearder

Women’s Grease Rydell High Cheerleader Costume

Support Rydell’s team!

Like most American schools, Rydell High School has also their cheerleader team. And, therefore, you may want to choose to wear a Grease cheerleader this Halloween.

This cheerlearder costume includes a white shirt with red collar and red Rydell sign on the chest along with a red swing skirt. Shoes and sock aren’t part of the pack. Sizes range from S to XL.

But you may want to make your own cheerleader costume at home. For this you’ll need:

* A white short sleeve blouse
* A long red flared skirt
* A red jacket
* White socks
* White tennis
* Ponytail style wig
* Mascara, pink lipstick

Note: Use a crinoline in order to provide the swing skirt with its natural look.

Sandy’s Pants and Jacket at Rydell’s Fair

This end of year Sandy’s become a bad girl

Women’s Grease T-Birds Jacket

One of the most popular Grease costumes is the one worn by Sandy at Rydell’s fair.

At the end of the school year, Sandy adopted Danny’s favorite clothing style: sexy and rock’n roll. This was her choice to win Dany’s heart back. Sandy definitely conquered her lover boy during Rydell’s Fair.

This bad Sandy costume consists of a faux-leather black jacket for women with the T-Birds’ sign on the back and zipper closure. Sizes range from extra-small to extra-large. You should get faux-leather pants or satin leggings along with red high heeled sandals to complete the appearance.

If you want to make your very own bad Sandy attire at home, here’s what you need:

* A black off the shoulder top
* Black leather or vinyl trousers
* A black leather or vinyl jacket
* High heels red shoes
* Curly blond wig
* Eye liner, grey eye shadow, mascara, lipstick red

Rizzo Is the 1950s Pin Up

Play Rizzo’s role: she’s a real bad girl

Grease Rizzo CostumeWomens Hot Rod Honey Costume

Among all themed Grease costumes, my favorite one is the skirt and shirt worn by Rizzo. She’s Keneckie’s girlfriend and is a real bad girl.

Rizzo (Stockard Channing), is the Pink Ladies’ leader; she is a teenager girl who enjoys life as a free bird. She lives in harmony with her own rules. Rizzo is recognizable because of the Pink Ladies jacket and her black clothes. She broke up with Dany and became Keneckie’s girlfriend, another member of the T-Birds.

The Rizzo costume featured above consists of a fitted V-neck black dress with black belt. It is available in small/medium size (almost out of stock).

However you may want to choose the black faux-leather Capri pants and short-sleeved V-Neck red shirt (with printed design in the back) as they fit pretty well with Rizzo’s sexy personality and temper. The set also includes a polka dot scarf and fingerless gloves.

Elements to create a stunning Rizzo costume:

* A black short-sleeved blouse
* A black pen skirt or black Capri pants
* A “Pink Ladies” jacket: pink jacket with “Pink-Ladies” written on the back
* Black 1950s shoes
* Eye liner, mascara, dark green eye shadow, black pencil on eyebrows and red lipstick
* Rizzo’s wig

We Go Together Theme Song

Poster is: Grease Photo Music Poster sold by Amazon. Also in intro picture.

Rizzo at Rydell Fair outfits

We go together at Rydell’s graduation fair

A great alternative to the previous outfits idea would be to get inspiration in Rizzo’s costume at Rydell fancy fair for this Halloween.

Rydell’s fair is the time when Rizzo becomes nicer and friendlier with everyone, she just learnt the hard way that she wasn’t pregnant and got back in couple with Keneckie.

Rizzo’s costume at Rydell fair is one of the easiest Grease outfit to make (while maybe the coldest one for the Halloween season):

* A red short-sleeved blouse
* Pink shorts
* Red sandals
* A red scarf around her neck
* A black wig

Columbia Women’s Kenzie Cove Comfort Shorts 10, Tropic PinkJames & Nicholson Women’s Jn603 Promotion Short Sleeve Blouse Small Red

Fold the shirt sleeves and the short legs. Put the finishing touches with a red belt and sun glasses.

Walk And Talk Like a T-Bird

And lead the gang as Dany Zucco did

Adult Grease T-Birds Jacket

Next fantastic Grease costumes are the T-Birds. First, the leader: Dany Zucco. Dany (John Travolta) is the hero of Grease. He is leader of a school gang called “T-Birds”. This gang includes some teenager rebels of Rydell High School. He is in love with Sandy, but doens’t want to admit it.

Dany and T-Birds costumes consist of a leather black jacket with zipper closure. The back is adorned with the T-Birds’ sign.

If you are a man or a boy, you surely will want to wear a Dany Grease costume this year. Here’s how to make your own Dany costume at home:

* A black jacket
* A black t-shirt
* Black pants
* White socks
* Black shoes or sneakers
* A 1950s-style black wig
* Black sunglasses

Pink Ladies Galore!

Perfect fit for groups of women costumes

Adult Grease Pink Ladies JacketGrease Frenchy Costume

Be one of the T-Birds’ girlfriends this Halloween. If you just want to feature a “smart” girl of the fifties, then find inspiration in the Pink Ladies Grease costumes.

The Pink Ladies are supposed to be T-Birds’ girlfriends. The girls’ gang is led by Rizzo. The Pink Ladies are recognizable because of the Pink Lady jacket they wear. The back of these satin jackets is adorned with the name of their gang. You should thus be honored to be granted the right to dress in one of these vests. The Pink Ladies include Frenchy (Didi Conn), Marty (Dinah Manoff), and Jan (Jamie Donnelly). You can find the Pink Ladies jacket in any good costume store like the one mentioned above.

As an alternative, if you want to dress up in a homemade Pink Lady costume, here are the clothes you need:

* A white short sleeve blouse
* A black pen skirt or black Capri pants
* A pastel colored scarf
* A pink jacket (“Pink-Ladies” written on the back)
* Black shoes
* Eye liner, mascara, eye shadow dark green, black pencil on eyebrows and red lipstick
* The Pink Ladies wigs

Grease Marty WigGrease Frenchy WigGrease Jan Wig

T-Birds Rule the School

Be a member of Dany Zucco’s school gang

Grease Rydell High Men’s Letter Sweater50s Style Switch Blade Comb

Another fantastic option when it comes to Grease costumes is the T-Bird. The T-Birds are a school gang, that gathers the teenager rebels of Rydell High School. Keneckie (Jeff Conaway) is Dany’s best friend; he is also the second T-Birds leader. He has a complicated love affair with Rizzo.

Other T-Birds are Sonny (Michael Tucci), Doody (Barry Pearl) and Putzie (Kelly Ward). T-Birds only wear their black jacket, however at Rydell’s fair, Dany wears one of the Rydell’s team vests (above costume on the left)…

If you go partying on Halloween in group, you may want to make your T-Bird outfit yourself. Here’s what you need:

* A black jacket
* A white t-shirt
* Blue jeans with folded edges
* White socks
* Sneakers
* A banana wig
* Black sunglasses

A fake cigarette behind the ear of Keneckie and a switch blade comb complete your look.

Grease provides many more characters from which you can get inspiration for your next Halloween costumes. For example, the movie featured characters like Tom Chisum (Lorenzo Lamas), Marty Maraschino (Dinah Manoff), Frankie Avalon, Frenchi (Didi Conn), etc. The many costumes worn by the crew for the Rydell ball are also a wonderful source of inspiration.

O-neck Sleeveless 1950s Swing DressCherry Print Halter Rockabilly Swing DressHalter Retro Polka Dots DressPolka Dots Rockabilly Swing Dress1950’s Halter Rockabilly Swing DressV-Neck Polka Dot Dress 7 Colors

The range of options is quite wide and if you’re going out as a family, you can match almost all Grease costumes so as to revive the fantastic ambiance of the fifties. Have fun!

This page was first created in 2009 on a site named Squidoo, it was moved over to HubPages in 2014 and now is part of this site. © Holly-Day.com

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