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World Globes for Kids – Should Your Child Have a Globe?

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Globes provide a delightful “hands-on” way for your child to learn about this wonderful world we live in. With a world globe for kids in your home, a child not only understands the concept of his spot in the world, but is able to see countries and oceans and their distance from him. A globe encourages family conversations and questions about other parts of the world and provides an educational resource.


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The beach ball globe would be a wonderful learning tool while on vacation this summer. Take advantage of every possible learning moment! Globes are great for birthdays and Christmas gifts too. Remember to take the time to explore the globe with your child or grandchild. Help him/her find home, the North Pole, the continents, and the oceans. Does your child understand that a trip to the beach is on the coast of his country? Do not assume your child understands those concepts. Talk about them. And have fun!

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Help Kids Discover the World!

Fascinations Celestial 8″ Globe

You’ll get 2 globes in one, as a sensor automatically activates an illuminated display of constellations at night and a world globe by day. This makes a terrific night light for kids and a cool tool for geographers and astronomers!

 Fascinations Celestial 8″ GlobeCHECK PRICE

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  1. I love world globes for kids. It is a fun way to show them that there is a whole wide world out there – filled with different countries, cultures, languages and so much more. And with a son who has relatives across atleast 3 continents..I think he should know that. Wonderful globes for kids to travel the world with.

  2. Jeff Wise

    We’ve been looking for a good globe for a while. We can never find one in any of the stores that is good enough. Mommy and the kids really want one soon!

  3. I am completely fascinated by globes, so I know kids must be as well. What a great gift idea! I am going to remember this idea the next time I need a gift for one of the grand kids. Thanks!!!

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