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Flexibility Exercises For A Ballet Workout In Adult Ballet

Many who danced in childhood think about getting back into adult ballet. And why not? Even if you feel old and stiff, all you have to do is learn a set of flexibility exercises you can do daily, and perhaps some extra foot exercises to work on strengthening those foot muscles faster. There’s nothing better than a ballet workout to get strong, burn calories, and get flexible.

A few tips to allay concerns you might have about getting back into shape for adult ballet:

  • learn more about ballet turnout so you strengthen and stretch those particular muscles

Adult ballet is also a great workout for the upper body. Learning and practising ballet arm positions opens up the front of the body, lengthening and toning your pectoral and shoulder  muscles. As you get stretched across the chest area, you can breathe more deeply and also relax better. Flexibility exercises for the neck, shoulders and upper back will help with this.

Discovering massage techniques with a sports ball will soothe muscle spasms you get from working hard in your ballet workout. These are easy to apply to sore calf muscles, foot muscles, and you can even massage your neck and back muscles, using the ball against a wall.

Adult ballet burns calories and is a hard full body workout – which can induce restful sleep. It will help you get in shape for skiing and other winter sports.

Reward yourself by having a good long soak or foot bath with Epsom Salts or Magnesium Chloride Flakes. You actually re-mineralize your body by soaking this way. Magnesium helps the muscles relax, and will help you sleep better as well. This in turn increases the results you get from adult ballet.

Read more about adult ballet and  the flexibility exercises that will enhance the achievements you get from your ballet workout!

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Learn flexibility exercises for a ballet workout

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