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Grimm TV Show – Fairy Tales with an Edge

Grimm TV Show – Fairy Tales with an Edge

The TV series “Grimm” was a fascinating blend of fractured family tales and police detective show that ran for six seasons. During that time, the series created a multitude of loyal fans “Grimmsters” with cries for six seasons and a movie.

The series was based on the premise that fairy tales were not just stories, but were actually real but they had just been misinterpreted. The idea is that the Grimm Brothers had actually been fighters that were imbued with special powers to fight horrible creatures that lived inside of many people. These were the first Grimms.

It seemed that certain people had a secret identity, that they were actually strong and sometimes fearsome creatures underneath. These people were called “Wesen” and it was the Grimms job to cull out the bad Wesen – and kill them.

As the pilot opens Portland Police Detective Nick Burkhardt learns that he is a Grimm and comes to grips with learning how to deal with the Wesen world he can now see. Early on, he meets the Wesen man “Monroe,” who helps him learn how to navigate the new world that he now lives in.

We will be exposed to the Wesen world through the ancient journals of the Grimms, who wrote and drew about the Wesen world they experienced. Since Nick is a police detective, he uses his skills as a Grimm to solve crimes, as he learns that much of the crime that he comes across starts with Wesens.

During the series , we will see how those around Nick learn about the Wesen world, and how it changes them. Every episode is another view into the Wesen world.

I loved watching Grimm, and because of the frequent cliff-hanger endings, I eagerly awaited the newest episode. You can still see the episodes now – and for a crime series with a twist, I recommend you do!

The DVD Series One – Six will Give you a Complete View of this Fantasy/ Detective Show

Here is every episode so that you can watch them at your leisure, and over and over.

Grimm: The Complete Series [DVD]Grimm: The Complete Series [DVD]Grimm: The Complete Series [DVD]


Juliette Sees Wesen for the First Time

Grimms can see Wesen almost all of the time.

For other people, the Wesen need to be involved.

Juliette is one of the main characters, but it took longer for her to know the truth. This video shows “Woge” transformation of three of the main characters.

Juliette’s true initiation.

Watching Grimm is Perfect for Halloween

If you have never watched Grimm, Halloween is a perfect time. There will be fairy tales you have never seen – and eventually the good guys win.

How Does Grimm Compare to other Supernatural Series?

We love the supernatural , and from Superman to The X-files we have been fascinated through the years with people with super-powers and monsters of every kind .

I love watching these shows, and my three favorites lately have been Grimm, Lucifer and Buffy the Vampire Slayer.
In Buffy the Vampire Slayer vs Grimm I explore how these great series compare. They have similar heroes and creepy- crawlies and both had heroes that we learn to love.

Portland was Chosen Because it resembles the Black Forest

An extensive system of parks and mountains made it a natural choice

The creators of Grimm needed something that included beautiful and sometimes dark and gloomy mountains, streams and city parks because they wanted a place that could easily be equated with the black forest in Germany where the brothers Grimm lived.

Portland was ideal, because it is a populated and bustling city that is surrounded by natural beauty.

Even when the series called for Germany – they were able to make do with some of Portland.

The Witches in Nick’s life – Adaline and Juliette fight

Adaline was one of the series witches – or “Hexenbiests”

Juliette was Nick’s once normal woman who during a series of complicated events got changed into a witch during the series.

This came as a big surprise to Adaline when she attempted to intimidate her.

One of the biggest fights of the series followed. (They even had to replace some of the stunt women who got injured.!)

Hell hath no fury indeed!

Grimm is Based on the Classic Grimm Fairy Tales

The Brothers Grimm first published their fairytales in 1812. By the time the stories had gone through seven editions there were 210 unique stories.

The stories were slow to be accepted, but now most of us know at least some of the Grimms Fairy Tales. the Frog Prince, Hansel and Gretel, Rumpelstiltskin, and many other tales received new life on the Grimms series.

The Annotated Brothers Grimm, HardcoverThe Annotated Brothers Grimm, HardcoverThe Annotated Brothers Grimm, Hardcover


You may just become a Grimmster if you watch this show!

Grimm can definitely be addicting. Besides following the show and getting to love and becoming concerned about the characters, it is also fun to try to figure out which original Grimm Brother fairy tale the episode was based on.

There were hints of a re-make with a female lead. Covid happened,so we are still waiting.

I think the blend of action detective show and a literary show makes for very rich viewing.

I hope you check it out!

Creative Commons Image courtesy of Spillik

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  1. I absolutely loved Grimm and was sad when it came to an end. Thank you so much for sharing, there were quite a few facts that I didn’t know about the show. And, you’re so right…perfect for Halloween.

  2. I love Grimm fairy tales but did not see the show. Now I wish I had after reading this.

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