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Growing Strawberries in Pots


Growing Strawberry Plants in Pots is Easy as 1.2.3

Growing strawberries in pots is one of my favorite hobbies. If you love fresh heart-shaped berry fruits and want to grow them but haven’t enough space in your garden, this short guide on how to grow strawberries in containers the easy and fun way is here to help.

Whether you have a garden or not, nothing should keep you away from growing strawberry plants. And the best way to do it is by using containers. Container gardening is not just useful to produce good harvests but it is also a wonderful way to decorate the home. This gardening method can be adapted to many types of fruits and vegetables.

So if you wish to take the container gardening train and more particularly get some useful tips to help you growing strawberries in pots, I invite you to read this page.

Should you Grow Strawberries in Pots?

3 reasons for container gardening

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A first reason for doing so is that these fruits don’t like frozen temperatures and better grow in areas with a mild climate. This only justifies the fact that you may want to have strawberries growing in pots.

Another reason would be that if you do not have a garden or haven’t enough place in your backyard but want to grow fruits at home, then you do not have many other alternatives.

A third reason is that container gardening is useful for anyone who wants to grow strawberries indoors but want them to be as decorative as any other element seen on the balcony, the patio, the porch or whatever other place you choose to place them.

Besides the beauty of the pot you choose, these plants produce exquisite white flowers that will bring freshness to your home before they turn into red, sweet, juicy and delicious fresh heart-shaped fruits.


Strawberry Planters for Beginners

Perfect for you to start growing these sweet fruits

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There are different types of strawberry growing kits available in stores. For example, you can get a miniature green house, which makes a fantastic growing set for chidren and produces real fruits. Then you can get planters made out of plastic that you can hang (these can also be sold with a stand) or place on the ground. They will agreeably decorate the area when fruits are going to pop up from the holes.

If you are fond of high technology, then you can choose to start growing your fruits with Click and Grow materials that will enable you to provide correct light to your strawberries and will avoid the trouble of working too hard on growing them. AeroGarden technology with entirely controled care of your plants and even hydroponics will provide you with the joy of consuming your very own fruit harvest all year long.

The means is all up to you and the time you are able to devote to your garden, whether indoor or outdoor.


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Watering Your Strawberry Plants

* These fruits need at least from 1″ – 1.5″ water per week. Never forget to water them otherwise they are going to die.

* Water your plants in the morning to help prevent the common leaf disease.

Can You Grow Strawberries in Any Kind of Pot?

3 types of raising beds for red heart-shaped fruit plants

Since there are possibilities to grow strawberries in pots, you surely want to learn more about the kind of containers you can use to raise them. Actually there are three categories.

* Hanging strawberry bags or pots,
* Baskets generally made out of plastic that you can hang on the wall, from the ceiling or just place on the ground,
* Special pots meant for such type of container gardening.

You do not need a large raising bed to take care of the plants as their roots do not require a lot of space.

Among the benefits of container gardening one finds the fact that these items can be place in almost any area of the garden, patio, balcony, porch and even indoors. They make ideal ways to raise veggies in small spaces but also help avoiding the long standing position on your knees as they are positioned higher than the ground.

The other thing you will love with such items is that they come in so many different designs, styles and materials that you will always find one that meets your tastes and the needs of your garden area.

Always remember that strawberries need a sunny area to bloom and turn red. They do not just need sunlight to grow, they also need a lot of water.

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What you need to grow strawberry plants in containers

Get these gardening tools on hand!

It is very easy to grow strawberries in containers and you can get started in just a few minutes.

Here’s what you need:

* Carefully selected strawberry plants from a nursery, for example
* A few plant pots or cans or any other kind of decorative containers (stone containers work pretty well too)
* A window screen in case of cans
* Suitable soil
* Organic fertilizer
* A good gardening tool set

That’s it! Now make sure that you place your strawberry pots in a sunny area (they require at least 6 hours sun daily) and watch them grow!

How To Plant Strawberry Plants in Containers

Take the first steps in container gardening

Get Strawberry Plants or Seeds

Personally, I prefer buying plants…

You can grow strawberries from plants or seeds, it’s up to you. Personally, I always buy plants from the nursery. When I select them, I pick those that already bear flowers, this way I make sure they are going to provide me with fruits in the next weeks. But if you prefer, you can grow them directly from seeds, it may be even more fun since you are going to take care of your sweets from the very first day.

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