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Growing Strawberries in Strawberry Pots

Strawberry Pots Will Make your Strawberry Plants Look Gorgeous!

Growing strawberries in strawberry pots is one of those new container gardening trends and the ideal method for growing strawberries when you do not have enough space in your own garden, or just have a balcony to store the plants you raise at home.

Imagine that you have fresh strawberries right at your fingertips. Let’s dream for a while and see a picture of you sitting in the patio or the balcony. You’re surrounded with strawberry pots filled with strawberry plants bursting fresh strawberries. And you smell the delicious flavor of the fruits and don’t even have to move to taste one of these delicious and healthy treats. That is the beauty of growing strawberries in strawberry pots.

Oh but, what are strawberry pots? Well, that is mainly what you’re going to discover in this page. In addition, I am also going to give you some of the best tips for growing strawberries in containers.

All You Always Wanted to Know about Strawberry Pots

What are strawberry pots and what can you do with them?

Actually they are pots that are shaped in the form of an urn and have pocket-shaped holes all around them.

What are these pocket-shaped holes?

These “pockets” are the spaces by which the plants go out.

Strawberry pots are available in multiple sizes, whether big or small and are made out of various materials such as terracotta or porcelain.

While strawberry pots are made to grow strawberries, people tend to use them to grow any kind of plants as they are really decorative and some are wonderful pieces of art.

Beginner Tip: Start With a Kit

Mini all-in-one gardening kits

Dunecraft Everbearing Strawberry Hydro-Dome Science Kit

If you’re unsure whether growing strawberries is the right gardening activity for you, I suggest to purchase a kit that already includes all you need to beging this type of gardening.

This Hydro Dome science kit includes: the growing house, hydroponic rack, pump, the growing pots, seeds, necessary nutrients and instructions. This is the ideal kit for the gardening beginner.

It will also allow you to make sure that growing such fruits is for you and if you wish to keep growing your own heart shaped fruits in containers of all sorts or in their garden patch.


18 Site Aeroponic Plant Cloner, Seed and Strawberry Starting Machine – Econo Clone Bucket 18 from Hydro WestClick & Grow Smartpot Strawberry Indoor Grow Kit with LED Grow Light

Let’s See How to Grow Strawberries in Pots

Instructions to plant your strawberry seeds in pots

7″ X 10.5″ Yellow Ceramic Strawberry & Herb Planter With Water Tray : ( Pack of 4 Planters )

When growing strawberries in strawberry pots, the first thing you should do is to select the type of pot in which you’re going to grow your berries. Depending on the available space in the area you plan to grow your fruit plants, you’ll choose a small or a large strawberry pot that you can place in the patio or near the dining table if you grow them outdoors. As indeed, you strawberries can be grown indoor and outdoor.

The next step is to choose the materials which is the strawberry pot made out of: terracotta (perfect for the patio and/or garden) or porcelain (so nice in the kitchen) or even a pot made out of synthetic materials. Though plastic ones are often stackable containers and not real strawberry pots.

The one featured to the right is suitable for very small spaces or meant to be placed on a kitchen cabinet for example.


Decorative Strawberry Pots for Indoor and Outdoor Use

Choose your favorite container to grow fruits

Stores provide you with different types of such containers to grow strawberries. Some are made out of synthetic materials – yet they come with pocket holes – some are made out of terracotta or other materials. Colors vary as well so as to enable you to get the container that best matches with your home or garden decor.

Strawberry & Herb PlanterBorder Concepts Border Concepts Strawberry Jar, Ceramic, 5 gallonBorder Concepts Border Concepts Ceramic Strawberry Pot, Dark Blue, Ceramic, 16.25 in.Craftware Round Ceramic Strawberry Jar with 6 Pockets – PM299-60Gardman 7510 Strawberry and Herb Pop-Up PlanterEsschert Design Strawberry Herb Planter

Strawberry Plants Watering

* Make sure to water the strawberry plants in the morning help prevent common leaf disease.

* Usually a strawberry plant requires 1″ – 1.5″ water per week.

What Kind of Strawberries Should you Plant in Strawberry Pots?

Strawberry potting instructions

Strawberry – OgallalaCheck It @NatureHills

Then you’re going to choose the variety of strawberries you’re going to grow in pots. The best sort to use in a strawberry pot is the day neutral type, that is a quite new type of fruits but that can produce fruits during the whole Summer season.

The next step is to select the right compost – basically any kind of soil is good to grow strawberry plants. Then, you’re going to fill the strawberry pot with the compost.

Once you filled the first pocket-shaped hole with ground, plant the first strawberry seed. Repeat this until you reach the top of the pot where you’ll add a few plants too.

Place the strawberry pot in a sunny area of your yard, patio or home – strawberries need sun in order to get red and sweetened.

Watering caution: slowly and carefully pour water in the strawberry pot so that the compost doesn’t go out through the pocket-shaped holes.

Strawberry – DunlapCheck It @NatureHillsStrawberry – GuardianCheck It @NatureHillsStrawberry – Red ChiefCheck It @NatureHills

Click here to get more information about the different types of such fruits.

How to Make Sure to Get a Huge Strawberry Harvest

Tips to help you make the most out of your strawberry pots

To help you make the most out of growing strawberries in strawberry pots, here are a few suggestions:

* Do not plant strawberry plants in the spring because they won’t produce an important fruiting.
* The best period to plant strawberries is mid-September as it will allow them to be prepared for a big fruit production in the next season.
* Plant strawberries with care: the roots must be completely buried but the crown of strawberry plants should be above ground.
* Prune the shoots of your strawberry plants and transplant them in another pot.
* To avoid insects, place French marigold planters around your strawberry pot.
* Place nettings on your outdoor strawberry pots to prevent birds from eating your fruits.

Have fun and enjoy you new gardening hobby!

False Yet Useful Strawberry Pots

Stackable containers play the game

Although they are not actual strawberry pots, stackable containers can do the job perfectly. They can even suit you better than real ones especially since they come with larger pocket holes and lots of them come with self watering systems.

Akro-Mils RZJMEDI Medium Stack-A-Pot, 30-QuartMr. Stacky Stacking Hydroponic Pots TowerCraftware 4-Pocket Mini Stacked Strawberry Jars8-pocket Vertical Garden PlanterLarge 3 Tier Stone GreenStalk Stackable GardeningEarthbox Stackable MiniGarden

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