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Best Gypsy Costumes for Women

Fancy Dress Costumes for the Gypsy that Lies in You

Gypsy costumes are beautifully crafted and also extremely versatile. When dressed in a bohemian attire you can whether be a dancer, a fortune teller, a pirate’s mate, and more.

Gypsy costumes are always alluring, mysterious and attractive. A fortune teller gypsy costume is all of this plus the art of predicting. The Renaissance gypsy costume is very distinctive, very complex, elaborate and stylized and very striking as the culture of the time was very fashion conscious.

With all masquerade parties popping here and there, chances are that you’re looking for a one-of-a-kind party costume to wear. And this particular party attire should make you stand out from the other attendees.

Gypsy Fortune Teller Costume

Accessorize with a tarot card deck

Elite Fortune Teller CostumeElite Fortune Teller Costume

Fortune tellers have been around for centuries and in the past were gypsies – or gitanas or roms, etc. depending on the country they were from.

This fortune teller costume is perfect for making predictions at the party. The fortune telling gypsy fancy outfit comes with a dress featuring a monochrome top. A red scarf is attached to the skirt. The underskirt includes attached petticoat.

The brightly colored waist sash and matching bandana, a belt made out of vinyl as well as 6 tarot cards add up to the realistic look.

If you’re able to read the tarot cards, I suggest to purchase a tarot card deck and use the 22 major arcana to provide your predictions with more accuracy.


Renaissance Gypsy Halloween Costume

Plus Gypsy Maiden CostumePlus Gypsy Maiden Costume

Another kind of gypsy costume you might want to look at is the Renaissance costume. The point of the clothing was to make a statement. The amount of richness in the costume was a mark of status.

If you want your Renaissance gypsy costume to reflect a basic peasant woman you may wear a bodice or blouse, skirt, underclothes and a cap.

On the other hand if you wish to dress up as a noble woman, you will need to get matching underclothes, a hoop, chemise, a corset, an underskirt and an overskirt or gown.

Also must have items are a snood or cap, as well as all the Renaissance costume accessories, some of which include purses and pouches, jewelry, mirrors, miniatures, keys, pomanders or belts to name a few.

The superb Renaissance party attire featured here is suitable for big sized women.


Fortune Tellers Are Sexy

Mini skirt gypsy fancy deress

InCharacter Costumes Good Fortune Gypsy Costume, Red/Tan/Blue, LargeInCharacter Costumes Good Fortune Gypsy Costume, Red/Tan/Blue, Large

Medieval or Renaisance fortune tellers are sexy too! This stunning sexy gypsy costume will certainly make eyes pop out.

This type of party outfit requires from you to tell your clients’ future in love and intimate life related domains. Privacy doesn’t matter any more.

Indeed, for as long as man has been on earth he has always wanted to find out what would happen in the future and fortune-telling dates back almost as far. As a fortune teller gypsy this Halloween, you’re going to bring the party guests the predictions they’re expecting.

A sexy fortune teller gypsy costume should include a short dress with a laced bodice, a ruffled off the shoulder neckline accented in gold or sequins. The full skirt with sequin accents and dangling gold trim will have an attached petticoat and waist sash adorned with little gold moons and stars.

The sexy fortune teller gypsy costume wouldn’t be complete without a headscarf. Traditionally these costumes should be made in bright colors and a lot of sparkling glitter.


The Spanish Gypsy Costume

Show off your gitana style

Renaissance Gypsy Adult CostumeRenaissance Gypsy Adult Costume

The term gitana stands for the Spanish gypsy. These women know how to dance Flamenco, which was inspired from Oriental belly dances (in these times when Moors invaded Spain).

However, these classy dancers with tiered layered stunning dresses and monumental headpieces are not the only ones who know to shake their body in such an attractive way.

Gitanas know how to turn a “Soledad” into a lascive exhibition, they know how to shake their body to make hearts beat faster and eyes popping out of people’s face.

A party attire as simple as this one along with a pair of castanets or a tamourine will turn you into a gitana in no time.

This stunning yet simple gypsy costume is perfect for flamenco dance. The colorful aerial skirt is going to shake with your body while you perform on the dance floor. The attire includes also a short sleeved white top featuring a laced black corset. The headpiece will make you look like a perfect Renaissance gitana look.


Indispensable Gypsy Costume Accessories

Perfect your gitana party attire

Gypsy costume accessories play an indispensable part in your overall look. Whether Gitanas, Bohemians, gypsies or even Egyptian gypsies, these women used to wear a lot of fashion accessories such as scarves, big dangling earrings, shiny necklaces. Most of them also used to carry tarot decks so as to predict passers-by’s future. Dancers wouldn’t perform any exhibition without a tamborine or cymbals. So make sure you have such accessories on hand when going all out this Halloween. They will perfect your party outfit.

Gypsy Wig with Scarf Kerchief Coins Costume Glitter HatGypsy Wig with Scarf Kerchief Coins Costume Glitter HatBellyLady Belly Dance Gypsy Jewelry, Gold Necklace & Earrings, Gift IdeaBellyLady Belly Dance Gypsy Jewelry, Gold Necklace & Earrings, Gift IdeaGold Gypsy Bangle Bracelets 50pkGold Gypsy Bangle Bracelets 50pkBelly Dance Dancing Costume Anklet Egyptian Gypsy Tribal Ethnic Coins & BeadsBelly Dance Dancing Costume Anklet Egyptian Gypsy Tribal Ethnic Coins & BeadsGypsy Hippie Belly Dance Metal Dangling Coins Chains Belt Adjustable GoldGypsy Hippie Belly Dance Metal Dangling Coins Chains Belt Adjustable Gold

More Gypsy Costumes To Choose From

Find the style that best meets your tastes

Tarot Card Gypsy CostumeTarot Card Gypsy CostumePlus Traveling Gypsy CostumePlus Traveling Gypsy CostumeMystic Vixen Gypsy CostumeMystic Vixen Gypsy CostumeWomen's Gypsy CostumeWomen’s Gypsy Costume

Women's Madame Mystique CostumeWomen’s Madame Mystique CostumeWomen's Eye Candy - Exotic Gypsy AdultWomen’s Eye Candy – Exotic Gypsy AdultDelicious Gypsy Rose CostumeDelicious Gypsy Rose CostumeWomen's Magical Gypsy CostumeWomen’s Magical Gypsy CostumeGypsy Magic Adult CostumeGypsy Magic Adult CostumeWomen's Gypsy BeautyWomen’s Gypsy Beauty5 Piece Seductive Gypsy Costume5 Piece Seductive Gypsy CostumeWomen's 6 Piece Gorgeous GypsyWomen’s 6 Piece Gorgeous Gypsy

How To Make a Gypsy Costume

Make your very own nomad costume

Making your own gypsy costume at home is easy as a pie. All you need is long flowing peasant skirt and top. Some accessories like a hip scarf wit gold coins or a large corset belt, a head scarf, large rounded earrings, and one dozen bracelets.

Another option would be the use of a peasant dress that you accessorize with a few of the element cited above. Finishing touches and highlight of your character can be done through a tambourine or a crystal ball, a tarot deck or finger cymballs. Accessories enable others to know where you are supposed to come from: Spain, France, Eastern Europe, Orient, etc.

Making your vagabon woman outfits at home enables you to customize it even more. For example, you can turn your character into a zombie gypsy for Halloween.

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