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Halloween Humor

Halloween Humor makes a Fun Holiday even More so

I love Halloween. You can have lots of fun and you don’t need to worry about baking a turkey or buying presents!

It is a great time to really relax, and this Halloween humor will make it even easier.

Witch Humor

To enjoy with your Favorite Brew

Witches are known to be fearsome, malevolent creatures. But these days they are just ladies who love herbs, crystals and have a lot of fun.

Here are some of my favorite witch jokes:

1.What did the tired witch do? (She sat down for a spell.)
2.Why do witches travel on broomsticks? (Vacuum cleaners are too heavy.)
3. Why was the witches broom late? (It over swept.)
4. What did the evil witches broomsticks say to each other? (Did you hear the dirt about Glinda?)
5. Why was the witch’s black cat such a good singer? (She was very mewsical .)
6.What is the problem with twin witches? (You never know witch is which.)
7. How do witch doctors write their prescriptions? (In curse-ive.)
8. Why did the witch have to go to the doctor? (She had a dizzy spell.)
9. What happened to the student witch who broke the school rules? ( She got ex-spelled.)
10. What was the witch’s favorite subject in school? (Spelling)

How do You Repair a Damaged Jack – O- Lantern?

You use a pumpkin patch.

Funny Moments from the Life of Spike the Vampire

Buffy’s Tough Guy Can be a Clown

I love Buffy the Vampire Slayer and one of the reasons is Spike, the other vampire with a soul. Besides being treacherous as all get out he is also majorly funny.

This video highlights this funny and fearsome guy.

Why Don’t Mummies take more vacation?

They are afraid to unwind.

What We Do in Shadows

What We Do in Shadows is a charming and funny series about 4 vampires who have been roommates for centuries. Grab some popcorn and watch some – about either through DVD or Prime Video.

What We Do In the Shadows? Season 1What We Do In the Shadows? Season 1What We Do In the Shadows? Season 1What We Do In The Shadows? The Complete Second SeasonWhat We Do In The Shadows? The Complete Second SeasonWhat We Do In The Shadows? The Complete Second SeasonWhat We Do in the Shadows - Season Three PrimeWhat We Do in the Shadows – Season Three PrimeWhat We Do in the Shadows - Season Three Prime



What is a ghost’s favorite dessert?

I scream.

Funny Vampire Humor

Vampires are generally believed to be some of the most fearsome of the supernatural creatures. But they can supply some grins and chuckles as well.

Here are some cute vampire jokes to amuse you:

1. What do you call it when a vampire loses his coffin? (A grave situation.)
2. Why are vampire nests so loyal? (Because blood is thicker than water.)
3. Why don’t vampires like mosquitoes? (They don’t like the competition.)
4. What’s a vampire’s least favorite song? (Another one Bites the Dust.)
5.Why does Dracula not have friends? (He was just such a pain in the neck.)

What happened when the man didn’t pay the Exorcist?

His house was repossessed

Halloween Is Just Made for Fun

Halloween can be such a delightful holiday. The trick-o-treaters, the decorations and the scary stories just add to the humor.

Halloween jokes and humor can add to the fun – and take the bite out your blues!

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  1. Oh this is fun! I agree – Halloween humor is a hoot!

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