Halloween Inflatable Yard Decorations

Halloween Inflatables for Yard Decorations

Increase the fun factor this year with some Halloween inflatable yard decorations. For years, people have added these sometimes spooky, sometimes whimsical decorations to their yard, not only for their own enjoyment, but those of passersby. There are many styles and types, including those that double as coolers, are voice activated, or illuminate the yard.

Halloween inflatables are an economical way to show Halloween spirit, and will last for many years. Some popular Halloween inflatable yard decorations are; black cats, witches, cauldrons, skeletons, jack-o-lanterns, spiders, and the Grim Reaper.

With all of the hoopla (yes, hoopla) over vampires lately, some people are choosing another popular Halloween figure; vampires.

Inflatable Skeletons Pumpkins and Other Halloween Goodies


11.5 Foot Inflatable Skeleton Driving Halloween Carriage + Huge Pumpkin

To take the fun even further, create a scene (literally) at your place of business. Nothing says that Halloween inflatable yard decorations can only be used at home. Show the world that you have a sense of humor, and enjoy the holidays as much as the next business person by decorating the inside, or outside of your business.

It also helps brighten the moods of employees when there is a little fun involved at work. Go on…you know you want to! Put a large inflatable figure right next to your sign, and people WILL remember.



Create A Halloween Scene In Your Yard

There are many different ways to make your lawn the talk of the neighborhood. Mix and match the different figures, or invent your own Halloween scene right in your own front yard.

4 Foot Inflatable Halloween Yard Decorations

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4 Foot Inflatable Halloween Yard Decorations

Halloween inflatable yard decorations are made of sturdy vinyl, or nylon. Most provide years of fun and use. Most are easy to inflate and deflate, so they are quick to set up and take down.

Halloween kicks off the holiday season, so it’s important that decorations be easy to remove to get ready for Thanksgiving and rest of the busy holiday season. Once they are deflated, they are easy to store away for next year. Be sure to keep room in that bin for added additions to your collection. Once you start decorating with inflatables, it’s hard to stop.



Inflatable Halloween Yard Decorations


Inflatable Halloween Yard Decorations

Another thing that is nice about Halloween inflatable yard decorations is that you can start small. If on a tight budget, there are many decorations that only require one purchase, but set the whole mood.

You can start with one or two pieces, and build the collection each year. Even one can add loads of fun for you, and anyone who passes your yard. Let’s see…easy, fun, economical; what’s not to love?

Scary wacky fun awaits your yard when you display these creepy Halloween inflatable in it!

More Fun Halloween Inflatables

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From funny to scary to cute…there’s an inflatable Halloween yard decoration for every taste. Your home will be bright and festive for Halloween with these yard inflatables! Add one, or do it up big with several. Some people add a few every year until they have a yard full of Halloween decorations.

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  1. So many great Halloween ideas; love these inflatable decorations.

  2. These animated Halloween decorations are amazing. I choose the cat!

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