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Cute Halloween Maternity Shirts

Funny Maternity Tee Shirts to Wear on Halloween

When Halloween comes along and you are pregnant, you may not feel like dressing up totally for the holiday. Most costumes are not that comfortable and comfort is the most important factor for maternity clothes.

But that doesn’t mean that you don’t want to be part of the fun, either. Here are some funny Halloween maternity shirts that you can wear this year for Halloween 2014, while still being quite comfortable. Not only that, these shirts will wash and wear nicely, so you don’t have to worry about every little stain.

If you need more information or sizes, just click through any of the links provided. Most of these shirts come in at least black and white, and some have more color choices.

Stop Staring at My Pumpkins Maternity T-Shirt

Stop Staring at my Pumpkins Maternity Shirt

Cute Long-Sleeve Maternity Shirts for Halloween

Drippy the Bat Long Sleeve Maternity T-Shirt

Every year I like to see what’s new for moms-to-be for comfortable Halloween wear, and this year I found some wonderful new long-sleeve shirts. These are ultra-cute and so very comfortable. This is my personal favorite. It comes in four colors, charcoal gray, black, blue and green. So cute, it can be worn to a young child’s party or trick or treating with your toddler.

Cute Drippy the Bat Long Sleeve Maternity T-Shirt

Funny Skelly Maternity Shirt

This skelly maternity shirt is a mix between funny and creepy. This makes it the perfect shirt to wear on Halloween. I find it has risen to the second place on my favorites list for this year.

Skeleton Face Maternity T-Shirt

Skeleton Hand Maternity Tee Shirt

I love the outline of the skeleton hands on this maternity tee. It reminds me of the scene in Total Recall when Arnold Schwarzenegger walks by the x-ray screen. This shirt is white on black but also comes black on white. I think the black on white look is creepier, perfect for Halloween.

Skeleton Hand Maternity T-Shirt

Flying Monkeys Maternity Tee

If you are a fan of the Wizard of Oz, then you will appreciate this shirt. If you have never seen the Wizard of Oz, then what are you waiting for? It is a classic.

Flying Monkeys Maternity T-Shirt

Mummy to Be Maternity Shirt

This mummy shirt is cute enough to be appropriate around young children. It won’t scare them but it will make them laugh. Very cute with mommy and baby mummy on the front.

Halloween Mummy-to-Be Maternity Shirt

Things Just Haven’t Been the Same Since that House Landed on My Sister Maternity Shirt

Back to the Wizard of Oz reference, this maternity shirt is very cute, and can be worn all year, not just on Halloween. Remember though, there were two wicked witches in the Wizard of Oz.

Witchy Sister Maternity Tee Shirt

Due in October Maternity Shirt

If you are due in October, you can wear this maternity shirt for months before baby is born. Most mothers-to-be know the baby’s due date several months ahead of time. Wear this around, then you can show it off on Halloween too, assuming the baby is not already born then. If baby is born, you can look for matching tees to wear for the holiday.

Due in October Maternity Shirts

Zero to Witch Maternity Shirt

Back to witch-themed tees, this is a great one to wear all year as well. Great as a baby shower gift, or from best friend to best friend, not recommended for a husband to give to his wife unless he is armed.

Zero to Witch Maternity Shirts

Trick or Treat for Two Halloween Maternity Shirt

Another cute tee that can be worn in front of younger children, this funny tee will make children laugh and adults smile. More cute than scary, it is a good shirt to wear to your other kids’ school parties or events.

Trick or Treat for Two Maternity Shirt

Baby Skeleton Maternity Tee Shirt

Another favorite of mine, this shirt makes it look like you are standing in front of an x-ray machine with your baby’s skeleton showing. A bit creepy, scary and fun all at the same time.

Baby Skeleton Maternity Shirt

Go Away, You’re Scaring the Baby Maternity Shirt

This shirt works on Halloween, but is also great for when you just don’t want to be bothered or you are in a bad mood. Keep this maternity tee handy for your entire pregnancy. In fact, you might want two!

Go Away, You’re Scaring the Baby Shirt

Bones Halloween Maternity Tee

This Halloween maternity tee is a work of art, literally. The image of the skeleton is a gorgeously done piece of artwork and probably the scariest shirt on this page. If you appreciate scary skeleton art, this shirt is for you, and you can find even more Halloween maternity shirt styles by clicking through the link.

Bones Maternity T-Shirt

Having Fun While Pregnant on Halloween

Halloween is a time of year that should be laid back fun, but that is hard to do when you are pregnant. Being comfortable while the rest of your family is having fun is just as important, and you can definitely join in the fun when you are wearing one of these awesome shirts.

During the Halloween festivities just participate in the events that you can, and relax and watch what the others do when you are tired. You will find that you are having a great time just participating and spending the time with friends and family.

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