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A Haunted Halloween Train Display

Create a Creepy Haunted Halloween Train Scene

A haunted Halloween train display adds a very creepy touch to your indoor holiday decor. There are plenty of Halloween decorating ideas that involve more or less bats, spiders, ghouls, etc. However, my favorite holiday ornaments are… trains. I am surely a child at heart as I enjoy nothing as much as watching (and playing) train and village settings.

And is there any better way to provide the sitting room with a frightful look on Halloween than through a haunted train setting? Manufacturers did things well and brands like Department 56 produce amazing holiday villages that we are proud to show our guests during the holidays.

You can find a wide range of different Halloween village and train displays to choose from in specialized shops or online stores. From creepy train station to chilly passenger cars, from nightmarish wagons to frightful characters and signs, everything has been done to ease the process of creating your very own haunted Halloween train display.en themed houses, figurines and accessories to set up a fantastic scary Halloween village.

Start Building your Haunted Rail Station

Your village must include a train station and accessories. Check out the different tracks, wagons and figurines available online.

Start with a Haunted Train Station

Dare entering the Rickety Railroad Station…

Department 56 Snow Village Halloween Rickety Railroad Station

Any town or important village has a train station. Your haunted Halloween train setting must have one as well. However this one is haunted.

The Rickety Railroad Station from the Halloween Snow Village Collection is made out of ceramic and includes all elements that can turn it into a fantastic Halloween decoration: spider webs, creepy sounds and a horrible traveling man… er… no, skeleton.

The haunted railroad station measures 11″ x 8″ x 8″ and includes flash lights as well as adapter cord. This makes an excellent element for you to start creating your Halloween train scene.


Halloween Haunted Locomotive

Have you ever met the zombie loco conductor?

Department 56 Snow Village Halloween Haunted Rails Engine

Without a locomotive, there is no way to put the train into motion. For this reason, the second crucial element of your haunted train display is the Haunted Rail Engine. The Haunted Rail Engine’s sizes are 10″ x 2.75″ x 4.7″ and it is made out of ceramic. This Halloween themed engine completes the station with perfection.

The Haunted Rail Engine comes with adapter cord and comes with an illuminated headlamp as well as a lit Jack-o-lantern.

Hm… not sure the travel will be safe with such a train and you might experience a few chilling adventures this Halloween! Bon voyage!

Boooo! Who’s frightened to spend the night in this cute but really scary haunted rail engine?


Dining Car for Haunted Halloween Train

Ring-a-ling! Ring-a-ling! Ghoulish dinner is served!

Department 56 Snow Village Halloween Haunted Rails Dining Car

Zombies are having a fun dinner party in the haunted dining car!

The Haunted Rails Dining Car is the logical following item you are going to add to your Halloween village as it completes the Rickety Railroad Station very well.

Who are the courageous passengers who entered this dining wagon and what have they become? Did someone cast a spell that turned them into zombies? What do zombies eat?

Hm… The pitiful state of the car, cobwebs, broken windows will certainly give you a clue as to what happened.

This scary dining wagon must be plugged into the engine above in order to be lit.

This amazingly detailed ceramic train car is home to zombies on this very scary night. Are you going to join the party guests?


Create your Very Own Halloween Train Display

Accessories for your haunted train

Are you eager to create your very own haunted Halloween train display? If you are fond of village displays, a haunted train setting is a great option, especially if you are a beginner.

Setting a train display does not require a big investment in terms of money and will provide your holiday decor with a very scary look. Also, holiday trains often create a focal point in your home decor.

The perfect haunted rail setting needs – in addition to the previous elements cited:

* Tracks
* A passenger car
* A caboose
* Some figurines

Here’s to your creepy, scary, nightmarish, awful Halloween haunted display!

Department 56 Original Snow Village Halloween 10th Anniversary Haunted Rails Passenger Car Lit HouseDepartment 56 Halloween Seasonal Decor Accessories for Village Collections, Haunted Rails Straight Track Road, 0.47-InchHalloween Snow Village from Department 56 Haunted Rails CabooseDepartment 56 Halloween Seasonal Decor Accessories for Village Collections, Haunted Rails Curved Track Road, 0.47-InchDepartment 56 Snow Village Haunted Rails Sleeper CarDepartment 56 Haunted Rails Crossng SignDepartment 56 Snow Village Halloween Jack and His Lanterns Train Car Lit Ornament, 2.76-InchHalloween Snow Village from Department 56 Git Offa My Train

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