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Hand Carved Chess Sets & Chess Pieces

Hand Carved Chess Sets Make The Greatest Gifts!

Hand carved chess sets are a one-of-a kind gift guaranteed to put a smile on any chess players face. Each of the chess pieces is hand carved with special attention being paid to all the little details. Some hand carved chess sets are made out of wood, some out of rock and others are made out of crystals. When it comes to handmade chess sets, just about any material can be used so the skies the limit.

Giving someone a handmade chess set tells them that you’re willing to go the extra mile for them. It says you want to give them the very best. A handmade chess set complete with hand carved chess pieces is the gift to give when you want to be remembered for years.

Hand Carved Chess Sets Tell A Story!

hand carved chess sets

The best thing about owning a hand carved chess set is knowing that even if there are other similar chess sets, none is exactly like yours. Most chess lovers would especially take delight in the hand carved chess pieces, knowing that although they may look strikingly similar, each piece is going to have it’s own special feel.

This soapstone chess set is amazing for so many reasons. First of all, both the board and the chess pieces were hand carved out of pink and white soapstone found in Western Kenya, by a group of artists living in Tabaka, a small village in Kenya. The truly amazing aspect of this chess set is that these artists, who call themselves SMOLArt, carved each piece using ordinary household tools like screwdrivers and switchblades.

So when a person receives this particular handmade chess set, they’re not only getting a beautifully hand crafted one-of-a-kind work of art, they’re also getting a fantastic story to share with their friends and family.

Hand Carved Chess Sets Can Be Passed On For Generations.

When a person receives a cheap cardboard chess set, they may be happy for a bit. But after a while that cheap chess set is going to start falling apart. And after a few years, it will be in the garbage. I’m sure that person won’t be too sad though, because that chess set was too cheap looking to keep anywhere but hidden.

hand carved chess setshand carved chess sets

A chess set table is a hand carved masterpiece which could be showcased both for it’s quality craftsmanship and it’s very unique design. If this chess set table were mine, I would have it sitting on top of a dark wooden table with the chess pieces out and ready to play. It would be the center of attention.

This hand carved chess set table is carved from beautiful olive wood. The two handmade olive wood drawers, one on each side, are big enough to securely store all the chess pieces inside (although why they would be put away instead of showcased is beyond me).

This chess set table is very sturdy and durable. It’s made to stand the test of time. It’s made to be passed from generation to generation, from one chess player to the next.


Hand Carved Chess Sets Can Inspire Memories.

By giving a gift like this, you aren’t just giving a chess set table or a hand carved chess set, you’re giving a family heirloom. You’re giving the gift of stories passed on through time. You could very well be starting a tradition. So take your time and choose wisely. And for an even bigger selection, take a look at some of these Amazing Chess Sets!

handmade chess setshand carved chess sets

handmade chess setshand carved chess sets

hand carved chess sets











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