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Hard Cash Loans

Capital Direct FundingWhat Are Hard Cash Loans?

Small businesses have had a hard time during this recession. Getting a bank loan for your business is much harder than it used to be.  Fortunately, there are many opportunities for small businesses to acquire the capital needed to grow their business into the business of their dreams.

Hard Cash Loans from Capital Direct Funding are one such opportunity.  Help boost the economy with your new business or business expansion.  Build a future for yourself and your family with your small business growth.  

Hard cash loans help buyers purchase investment property quickly and easily. If used properly, these loans could definitely put money in your pocket immediately and allow you to take care of your business.  One of the main hard money benefits is that you can get your loan in a much shorter period of time.

Capital Direct Funding, a private lending company providing hard cash loans for various commercial projects, is your choice for funding your new business ventures or expanding current operations.  With 24 hour customer service available to help you 7 days a week, Capital Direct Funding gives you the most reliable service anywhere in the 50 States or Canada.

With the strength of Capital Direct Funding backing you, you can get an ailing business back on track.  Capital Direct Funding has hard cash loans for refinancing and many other Commercial Capital Real Estate needs.

If you have property in some of the states that have been hardest hit by the recession, it is likely that most lenders have increased their requirements and might not be interested in lending on your property at all until the market settles out.  Commercial properties are still preferred to residential properties because they are easier to value from an underwriting perspective.

So, even if banks and other lenders might not be willing to take a chance on you or your business,  it doesn’t mean that you have no other options for a business loan. You just have to be creative and persist.  Ensure that you understand the options open to your business and how to take full advantage of them!  Contact Capital Direct Funding today to learn more about hard cash loans for your business.

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