Fashion & Style : Dream of Wearing Elegant Hawaiian Dresses?

It’s November 2016 and we are enjoying a lovely autumn season in Austin, Texas and will be heading into something that’s called winter in another few months. It’s called “winter” even though there’s rarely any snow, it hardly ever gets really cold, and you may start your day wearing a sweater or even a light coat, but by the end of the day you will have peeled off the layers. Yeah. It’s the perfect time of the year to start to dreaming of tropical paradises like Hawaii. Not that you don’t dream about living or vacationing in such places all year long! :)

Thinking back on the fashion of most of our first ladies in the USA, even though they literally set fashion trends, you seldom ever saw them wearing a dress with pretty flowers. Why? Don’t know the reason but if you ask for my opinion, floral print dresses should be in every woman’s wardrobe. Especially Hawaiian floral prints! If they are retro or vintage fashion? That’s even better!

Agree or disagree?

Hawaiian Dress in Your Closet? Every Woman Should Have One!

BIUBIU Women’s Elegant Floral Off Shoulder Bodycon Party Maxi Dress S-3XL

The black tropical spaghetti dress below is irresistible. You need only accessorize it with the white shell earrings and your man wearing a matching shirt.

( Sorry ladies. Couldn’t find a picture of Tom Selleck modeling this shirt. You’ll have to use your imagination. :) )

Jade Fashions Inc. Women Rayon Hawaiian Short Black Tropical Flower Spaghetti Dress-Black-3XL

Jade Fashions Inc. Men’s Hawaiian Tropical Men Shirt-Black-L

Hawaiian Jewelry White Plumeria Flower Shell Earrings ~ Zero Gravity Hawaii

If you prefer, you can get the dress in maxi length style.

Jade Fashions Inc. Women’s Hawaiian Tropical Long Tank Dress-Black-M

Do you have a baby lady?
Dress her in Hawaiian floral prints too!!
Isn’t this adorable??!

RJC Baby Girl’s Plumeria Sunshine Puff Sleeve Hawaiian 2 Piece Dress Set White 18-months

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