Heartworms–Please Have Your Pet on a Heartworm Preventative!

Heart worms in dogs are easily prevented.  Heart worms are transmitted by mosquitos. Dogs can be put on a once a month chewable preventative. Compared to the expense of having your pet treated for heart worms, it is extremely cost effective.  A large dog heart worm treatment can easily cost you up towards a thousand dollars.  Heart worms left untreated is 100% fatal, in all cases.  An infected mosquito bites your dog and the eggs travel through the bloodstream and soon become adult heart worms, that reside in your dog’s heart!  These nasty parasites will clog up the heart and eventually cause your pet’s death.  This is preventable, so please take your pet in to see their veterinarian and get them started on a good heart worm preventative.  Have a great summer!

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