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Heated Car Seat Cushions

Heated Car Seat Cushions

Heated car seat cushions give you some much need warmth on a cold day keeping you toasty warm. They also provide therapeutic heat to your lower back.

There’s nothing better on a cold day than getting into your car and having a warm seat to sit on. They heat up quickly and spread that heat through your body before your car even has a chance to start blowing hot air.

Heated Car Seat Cushions

Many of us use car seat cushions in our cars for a variety of reasons, back comfort, to protect your car’s upholstery, to relieve the stress of the day on the ride home or just to make driving more comfortable. You can combine all the reasons and more and add in a warm “bum” on the ride home as well. Imagine sitting in traffic with a warm “bum” and even getting a little massage from your heated car seat cushion.
Heated car seat cushions provide many benefits and are convenient to use, just plug into your DC outlet or cigarette lighter and you’ll have wave of warmness that immediately relaxes you. Many are equipped with settings that give you the option of low, medium or high settings so that you can choose how hot you want to be.

Heated Massage Seat Car Cushion

Heated and Cooling Car Seat CushionHeated and Cooling Car Seat CushionView Now On Amazon

The Snailax Car Seat is the best of both worlds. Dual Heat and Air, doesn’t get any better.

Heated during the cold winter with dual zone rapid heating for a quick heat up with continuous stable temperatures.

Cool in the summer, providing optimum comfort while driving during the hot summer months.

3-D Special ventilation layers so that no matter if you are using the heat or cool function you will always be dry and comfortable while giving you the optimum driving comfort even in the most extreme weathers.

Universal fit for any car, truck or boat and is designed not only for 12 voltage cars but also for 24 voltage trucks and boats. There is also an adapter that can be used for home or office use as well.


Heated Car Seat Cushions

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Keeping the Bum Warm

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  1. I used something like this when I was on the road in sales and marketing, great for those winter days – great range featured here!

  2. My husband and I once purchased a car and that was one of the selling points that convinced use to buy it. The fact that the car seat could heat up when it was cold. These car seat cushions are perfect if your car doesn’t already have that as a built-in feature. :)

  3. I have heard about these. Would make a nice gift.

  4. Since I live in Michigan, I could sure use a heated car seat!

  5. MareeT

    It’s so nice to be warm and toasty while in the car. These heated car seat cushions will do the job!

  6. These are delightful. I didn’t know what I was missing until we finally got a car with heated seats. If we ever have one without that luxury. this is the way to go. Great job!

  7. Gypzeerose

    I think a heated car seat cushion is a great bit of luxury to add to the car. Even a perfect Valentine’s Day gift – gives all winter long!

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