“Hello My Name Is” Bratz Dolls

Girls Will Love These Cool Bratz Dolls!

The “Hello My Name Is” Bratz Dolls are fun dolls for collectors and little girls of all ages. Kids can change the dolls’ outfits, interact with the dolls, and pretend the dolls are interacting with each other.

The Bratz Hello My Name Is Dolls 5-Pack (pictured to the left), features Jade, Yasmin, Cloe, Sasha and Meygan. Each Bratz doll features a trendy outfit that is unique to her “Hello My Name Is” look and personality. The clothing and shoes can be removed to switch up the girls’ outfits and re-dress them for fashionable fun.

Bratz are the best-friends-for-life who inspire each other to design and create the world around them. Girls will enjoy each doll’s unique design and style.

Collect all 6 stylish Bratz dolls from the Hello My Name Is Series – Cloe, Yasmin, Jade, Sasha, Raya, and Cameron.

Visit BRATZ DOLLS LIST for more Bratz products, and a list of all the dolls and various categories in which you will find them.

Bratz ‘Hello My Name Is’ 5 Pack Doll Set

Bratz Hello My Name Is Dolls

 Bratz Hello My Name Is Doll- Raya Bratz Hello My Name Is Jade Doll Bratz Hello My Name Is Cloe Doll Bratz Hello My Name Is Doll- Sasha Bratz Hello My Name Is Doll- Yasmin Bratz Hello My Name Is Doll- Cameron

Hello My Name is Bratz Video Review

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