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Hiking Backpacks

Best Backpacks for Hiking Reviews

Hiking Backpacks & Gear

How to Choose a Hiking Backpack That’s Right for You

If you are someone looking to purchase your very first hiking backpack, or someone looking to get a hiking backpack that you would like to use in the future, then this site is for you.

What are the Best Backpacks for Hiking?

Throughout this page you will find some of the best hiking backpacks online. You will find tips on the best way to find your own backpack as well. There are several survival tips on what you should take in your backpack that you can read about too.

I have included some videos that accurately represent the hiking backpacks that you will find on this page. I hope that you enjoy everything that you see here. Any comments or suggestions you might have would be appreciated.

Tips for Selecting the Right Backpack

When hiking, camping or even during extended car trips, selecting the right backpack is essential before you start gathering supplies and material. The essentials for your outing must be packed in one place protected from the elements and to a certain extent protected against damage. Anything you might need on your adventure must be easily accessible and all supplies and materials must be carried on your back. You simply cannot hand carry the needed essentials as you hike or look for that perfect camping spot.

Your backpack must be large enough to carry the essentials and the pack must protect those essentials. Waterproof or water resistance is a necessity in any backpack. The pack must have adjustable shoulder straps that can be adjusted once the pack is on your shoulders. Packs that are not adjusted properly or do not have adequate adjustment straps will ride low on your back, which will cause fatigue and aches. The military issue Alice pack, which is available online or in surplus stores, comes with a metal frame and should straps. The frame is molded to the back and has what is called kidney protectors and a strap that cinches around the waist. The pack can be worn without the metal frame by using just the shoulder straps. Alice packs come in large and medium and the large pack can hold close to 80 pounds of gear.

Your pack should have sleeping bag straps so the bag can be secured below the pack. Sleeping bags made of nylon, as opposed to other materials, will roll and store more easily. Loops for hatchets and machetes are also ideal. You need easily accessible pockets to secure items you would use frequently such as water bottles/canteens, maps and compasses. Many quality backpacks have waterproof pockets for securing maps and journals.

Your backpack once filled should not stretch out of shape. The pack once loaded and secured on your back should not extend more than a few inches beyond your hips and shoulders. Having backpacks that hang loose and extend beyond your body width by a large margin will catch on vegetation making it difficult to traverse heavily wooded areas. Loose packs will cause weight shifts, which make it difficult to maintain balance. Note that how the backpacks in the pictures maintain their shape even after being packed.

When packing ensure everything is rolled tight, such as rain gear/ponchos, tents, sleeping bag and clothes. Distribute the weight evenly, by not placing all heavy items in the bottom. The more weight you have on your upper shoulders the easy it is to carry for extended periods. Avoid canned goods if possible and use dehydrated foods, which are much lighter.

Hiking Backpacks for Men

5.11 1 Day Rush Backpack, Flat Dark Earth

5 Star Ratings from Customer Reviews!

5.11 1 Day Rush Backpack, Flat Dark EarthView Now

Constructed of water-resistant 1050-denier nylon, the RUSH backpack will go the distance. Self-repairing YKK nylon coil zippers is used throughout and the high-impact plastic side release buckles, tri-glide fasteners, and other hardware are not affected by differences in climate. Metal grommets and zipper sliders are coated to match the pack and for resistance to corrosion. The features, materials, and design of the RUSH 12 Backpack make it a superior value. 5.11 Tactical packs are in use by law enforcement, first responder, and Military units. Sized for a twenty-four hour excursion.


TETON Sports Scout3400 Internal Frame Backpack

Teton Sports Scout 3400 Internal Frame Backpack (Hunter Green)View Now

This is one of the most popular of the best hiking backpacks out there. The size, price range and versatility of this particular backpack has really allowed many first timers and experienced backpackers a chance to get a great pack at an incredibly low price.

This is considered a lighter backpack and is really best for youth or smaller packers. This is a high quality pack for whoever decides to purchase it. You can click through the picture of this pack to see more reviews on Amazon.


TETON Sports Scout 3400 Internal Frame Backpack

Best Hiking Backpacks

Get outdoors and explore, and make sure you have all the necessary essentials with you, when you carry one of these quality backpacks. Click on photos for details and pricing.

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Backpack Essentials for Trips, Hikes & Camping

When you begin gathering supplies for your backpack, keep the essentials in mind, which are, shelter, water, fire and food. Shelter can be a suitable nylon tent, poncho or tarps. Local materials such as wood and vegetation can be used to construct or supplement any shelter material you may carry in your pack.

The following is a list of supplies that will provide you with the essentials or the means to construct, collect or forage for the essentials. Keep in mind the list is not comprehensive and you must adapt it to personal preference. Add specifics such as prescription medications, over the counter pain relief, allergy medications, extra eyeglasses, contacts and so forth.

– Multi-Purpose Knife

– Heavy Fixed Bladed Knife

– Maps Of The Area

– Sunglasses For Eye Protection

– Quality First Aid Kit Include A Quality Topical Antiseptic

– Folding or Wire Saw

– Sewing Kit For Gear Repair

– Signal Mirror/Bright Cloth/Whistle For Signaling Rescue Personnel

– Canteen(s) Recommend Two One-Quart/Liter Stainless Steel

– Tent Or Tarps For Shelter

– Clothes For the Season

– Non-Perishable Foods That Require Little To No Preparation

– Rain Gear Large Enough To Cover You And Your Backpack While Being Carried

– Fire Starting Tools Such As A Magnesium Stick: Matches Are Unreliable

– Compass

– Emergency Water Purification Supplies Such As Tablets That are Iodine

– Small Metal Container/Pot/Bowl For Boiling Water And Food Preparation

– 12 To 15 Pound Monofilament Fishing Line

– Assorted Hooks/Tackle For Fishing

– Small Camp Ax

– 550 Paracord Or Suitable Rope/ Heavy String

– Coffee Filters For Emergency Water Filtration

– Activated Charcoal For Advanced Emergency Water Filtration

Hiking Backpacks for Women

Osprey Women’s Ariel 75 Backpack

5 Star Ratings from Customer Reviews!

Osprey Women’s Ariel 75 Backpack, Summer Wheat Brown, MediumView Now

The bestselling backpacking series on the market just got even better. Known for its ability to be taken all over the world, from the summit of Everest to a backpack trip through your local wilderness, the fourth generation of Aether/Ariel builds upon its reputation for combining clean design, custom fit and outstanding load carrying comfort. Amongst a plethora of upgrades, the new IsoForm⁴ CM™ hip belt adds stiffness and padding for even better performance with heavy loads. Amazingly, all this comes with no increase in weight

Stow-on-the-Go(TM) trekking pole attachment. External hydration sleeve in back panel simplifies refilling and protects pack contents from spills. New IsoForm CM(TM) hip belt balances firmness and cushioning for optimal carry. LightWire(TM) peripheral frame effectively transfers load to hip belt. Front J-zip provides quick access to main compartment.


Granite Gear Crown VC 60 Backpack – Women’s

Granite Gear Crown VC 60 Backpack – Women’s Cactus ShortView Now

Introducing the Crown 60, with Vapor Current Suspension technology. Weighing less than the Vapor Trail at 2 lbs, 2 oz (1 lb 13 oz with frame removed), the Crown 60 is a top loader with a secure roll-top closure that provides easy access. The simple lidless design can be upgraded with our optional LineLoc lid. The frame itself is removable so the pack can be used for ultralight loads without the frame. The belt and shoulder straps feature dual density padding and new narrow webbing straps. The shoulder strap has a built in stretch mesh pocket, and the belt has the capacity to accept our optional hip belt pockets.


Weight: .96 kg / 2lbs 2oz Capacity: 60 liters / 3660 cubic inches. Suspension: Vapor Current (V.C.) Internal Frame; Load Capacity: 35lbs / 16kg. Interchangeable belts, Lineloc compression, tool loops. Hydration ports & internal hydration sleeve, large stretch side & front pockets. Extended overflow crossover straps, padded rolling stay.


Granite Gear Crown V.C. 60 Backpack

Women’s Hiking Backpacks

These quality hiking backpacks for women will keep you stylin’ without weighing you down. Explore anywhere at any time, and make sure all of your essentials are with you, and safe & secure. Click on photos for details and pricing.

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Survival Tips

Hiking Tips

Always prepare for the worst. Day hikes can turn into days lost in the wilderness and you may have only packed for a day or even a few hours. You must always pack for longer than you expect to be gone. However, if you have added a few of the emergency essentials such as water purification and filtering methods you can collect and purify your drinking water. You also should have the tools to make and maintain adequate shelter and food. You can fish if you pack a few hooks and line. Fish is one of the more obtainable food sources for individuals stranded in the wild.

Water Purification Tips

Filter any surface water before boiling or chemical purification. Filtering can remove certain impurities, insects, sediment and other debris from the water. Activated charcoal can remove certain cysts that contain harmful bacteria as well as insects, pesticides, petroleum products, sediment, odor, some heavy metals and debris.

Water must rapid boil for at least one minute at sea level and for a minimum of three minutes if you suspect your elevation is one mile (5,280 feet/1600 meters) or more above sea level. Boiling for longer can deplete a limited water source. Boiling causes water to evaporate and you can literally boil a pot dry.

Follow the directions carefully when using iodine or chlorine based purification tablets. Once again, always attempt to filter any surface water. When using 2% liquid iodine the ratio is five drops per one-quart/liter container. If you cannot filter the water or it appears cloudy even after filtration, double the dosage to 10 drops per one-quart/liter of water. Shake the container well and wait 30 minutes if you used five drops and wait 60 minutes if you used 10 drops.

Hiking Gear & Hydration Packs

Camelbak Products Men’s HydroBak Hydration Pack

Camelbak Products Men’s HydroBak Hydration Pack, Pure Blue/Graphite, 50-OunceView Now


Antidote Reservoir features open/close cap
Low-profile design
Short torso sits above jersey pockets
Designed to Carry: Multi-tool or wallet, keys
CamelBak Got Your Bak Lifetime Guarantee


Camelbak Products Women’s Charm Hydration Pack

Camelbak Products Women’s Charm Hydration Pack, Purple Majesty, 50-OunceView Now

When all you want is water. The most minimalist bike model carries a 1.5L Antidote reservoir in a narrow profile pack designed for women with a shorter torso and a Velvetex harness lining for added comfort next to bare skin.

Super lightweight with one small front pocket and reflective strip for early morning and evening safety.


Hiking Gear

Hiking gear is required for a safe hiking experience as well as some desired conveniences for comfort. Listed here are a few examples of some necessary backpacking hiking gear. Click on photos for details and pricing.

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