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Home Energy Efficient Outdoor Lighting

lamp lightsSaving on energy costs takes planning and it is important to learn which home lighting fixtures will help reduce your electricity bill. The following guide will give you a great selection of solar lights for your outdoor landscape.

Best places to install lighting systems in the home are:

1. Doorways and Entryways

You will want to start with any entryways such as doors and windows. The two types of lighting you can choose from can be hanging lights or motion lights. The reason is because you can install the light fixtures in high out of reach places while maintaining plenty of illumination.

2. Walkways and Pathways

Next you can decide where  you want to place walkway and pathway lighting. The benefit to having solar powered path lights is that if you enjoy using your outdoor living space at night the spotlight and LED solar garden lights work best. Example of lighting options include Cornet Shaped Solar Lights and Solar Ray Path Lights.

Tips for hanging outdoor patio lights

If you like to be outdoors in your yard or garden in the dusk or evening hours it is best to setup your solar lighting system correctly. Here are a few tips on the best way to install solar lights around the home.

First you will want to read the instruction manual that comes with the light fixtures you just purchased, then find an area high enough  for maximum illumination such as trees next to the house or the ledge above the front or back door. Patio areas are an excellent place to use hanging lights.

It is important to position the light fixtures so that they can get direct sunlight during the day. The advantage is once the sun goes down the solar lights will automatically turn themselves on making it convenient for you to have a well lit lawn and garden space.

Tips for installing pathway lighting:

The great thing about using solar pathway and walkway lights in your garden is that you can illuminate certain areas in your backyard. Such as your rose bushes or vegetable garden, other options would include a water fountain or pond.

Some helpful tips for placing just enough light fixtures and not too many is to space them generously apart from each other. If you have a stone tiled path along an outdoor seating area follow the natural design when deciding where to place each light.

 There is no fixed or set way to install your lighting systems, so be creative and have fun.

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