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Hot Springs, Arkansas

America’s First Resort

Hot Springs National Park, Arkansas

As the name suggests, Hot Springs, Arkansas boasts a collection of  geothermal hot pools.  This earns it the nick name The Spa City.  Early on in the 30s and 40s, Hot Springs, Arkansas became famous due to vacationing visitors like Al Capone and President FDR.  Thus making this little town in Arkansas America’s First Resort.  Where celebrities and the rich and well-to-do could get away for a while and soak in a naturally heated hot tub.

Hot Springs, Arkansas is located in the Ouachita Mountains, Diamond Lake region, about 55 miles west of  the capital city Little Rock.  This resort town offers five lakes, three rivers, an amusement park, Magic Springs/Crystal Falls, and a horse racing track, Oaklawn.  If that isn’t enough entertainment for you.  Hot Springs has the Garvan Woodland Gardens and their picturesque scenery.  There is a robust art community  which includes galleries, museums, music and film festivals, as well as craft fairs.

carnival ride magic springs

Swing Ride at Magic Springs

bath house

Majestic Hotel and Bath House

Hot Springs, Arkansas is also the perfect place for couples to get away and spent time with one another.  There is fishing and camping.  Plenty of fine dining for a romantic night out.  Topped off with a horse-drawn carriage ride through historic downtown.

There is also plenty of shopping to be done in downtown Hot Springs.  Jewelry stores, boutiques, and fine art galleries.  And for souvenirs,  just stop by the area rock shops and pick up a mined quartz crystal.

Yes there is plenty to do in Hot Springs, Arkansas.   A person couldn,t do it all in a day.  Not two or three days.  Hot Springs is at least a week long experience.  This Nugget barely scratches the surface of what is waiting for visitors to America’s first resort.  Book your getaway vacation now.

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  1. Hot Springs is a fabulous place to play tourist!

  2. Anonymous

    Hot Springs, Arkansas sounds like an interesting and fun place to visit.

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