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House Design Software

House Design Software Sample

House Design Software Sample

Use Your Computer to Design Your Home

Designing a whole house yourself sounds way too difficult for most of us. And yes, if you’re planning to build a house or extensively remodel an existing one, then at some point you’re going to want professional advice. But you can do an amazing amount yourself – and have a whack of fun in the process – using house design software on your own computer to play with layout options, look at colors, and discover what you really want. Then you’ll have something to take to your professional that’s more useful than a head full of dreams!

Types of House Design Software

Not so long ago people depended very heavily on interior designers to help with even basic visualization of the types of furniture, decor and drapes in the house. Today, with the advent of technology, house design software has made it possible for every individual to create and design that elusive look and feel for their dream house.

Modern house design software has now created the simplest possible learning platform to bring out the interior designer in each of us. This art is no longer confined to the exclusive skills of professional interior designers. House design software, now makes it possible for anyone and everyone to newly design or remodel a home under very affordable conditions. What’s more, the software facilitates trial and error and edits and reviews at no extra cost. There are thousands of options, in terms of every aspect of interior design, to choose from. Do not be fooled by the term “interior design”, to imply just designing inside. This software allows you to design the exterior of your home as well.

3D home design software is even more popular, as it gives a 360 degree simulated view of every aspect of your home decor, as well as, the finished look of the home itself, with its entire decor in full glory. Some of the popular names in this market are the Better Homes and Gardens brand, the Plan 3D brand, as well as the Punch brand etc. Almost all of these home design programs, feature several tools that keep getting updated continually, with better and advanced capabilities to make designing simpler.

Most of these building design software packages comprise tools that are more CAD (computer aided design)-like in nature. However, the simplification of their use eases the user experience. This type of software is available in a variety of versions, depending on the proficiency of users, for beginner level users, intermediate level users, advanced level users, as well as thorough professional level users.

All of the tools comprising such software are user-friendly in nature. Many of the features can be simply dragged and dropped. The graphic libraries are rich with options of day to day items that we see in homes, such as plants, furniture etc. Finally, the 3D capabilities enable a real life view, of exactly what the house will look like, when you replicate the design in reality. Not only can PC users use this software, there are also special versions that are compatible with Mac systems.

There are several types of limited versions, such as trial versions or limited feature versions, but they do not provide, the fullest extent of access and features, which are otherwise available to fully subscribed users. A fully subscribed version provides 100 percent flexibility, and the ability to manipulate and tweak, in styles that best suit the vision of your ideal home. Since trial versions have no or limited graphic and other feature libraries, they do not give the complete picture of the real power and capabilities, of such software.

However, the trial versions or free versions, do give you a curtain raiser to the software you intend to purchase, so that you may decide, as to which one you are most comfortable with, before ordering one. On the same lines, you can also check out remodel software or, land, deck and garden software. Some of the packages available in the market have all of these capabilities rolled into one.

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