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How Invincible is Luxury Vinyl Tile?

Luxury Vinyl Tile is the Future

How many times have you heard that luxury vinyl tile is the next best thing? There’s no doubt that luxury vinyl has a lot to offer as it’s easy to install, easy to care for and resistant to moisture, scratches and dents. With improved performance and the ability for vinyl to mimic hardwood, stone or marble, it’s no wonder why so many people are selecting vinyl as their first choice of flooring. There are no limitations to where the vinyl is installed either, giving you a range of possibilities.

If you look at some of the latest brands of luxury vinyl tile, you would never know that the flooring is, well, vinyl. It looks just like high-end stone or ceramic and is made available in a variety of color schemes. The watertight seal keeps out moisture and dust and prevents the floor from buckling. You can expect a lifetime of use from these brilliantly designed tiles that won’t become an eyesore over time.

What Makes Luxury Vinyl Tile…Invincible?

So just how tough is luxury vinyl? If you’re like many people, you may be skeptical about vinyl’s long-term durability because some flooring manufacturers tend to promise performance in their products that may not be within realistic expectations. Rest assured that luxury vinyl is different as even product names like Invincible Luxury Vinyl Tile suggest. There’s a reason why it’s soaring in popularity and becoming one of the benchmarks when it comes to attractive, durable and economic floors. Although some people swear by flooring made from natural materials, it’s easier to tweak the construction of man-made materials to offer supreme performance and quality.

Luxury vinyl is quite thick, especially compared to inexpensive varieties of laminate that are thin and susceptible to water damage. It has built-in stain and moisture resistance and wards off scuff marks and scratches. Even the luster and shine of luxury vinyl will maintain itself over the years, providing that you keep up with the basic maintenance of vacuuming and mopping the floors daily or several times a week depending on the traffic levels in your home or business.

Home or Business: No Limitations

No matter where you choose to install this flooring, you can expect that it will maintain its high-end image. Puddles of water in bathrooms won’t cause the floor to buckle, and dishes dropped in the kitchen won’t shatter like they would with ceramic. Vinyl is actually rather forgiving so that if you were to drop something heavy, the item would spring back instead of bursting into pieces. Vinyl is safe and comfortable for children, pets and elders since there is no unevenness, no sharpness and no slippery spots.

If the floors are subjected to a lot of people, you won’t notice the wear and tear because of the way in which the vinyl absorbs foot traffic. Since scuff marks and scratches are bound to happen eventually, you’ll be pleased to know that luxury vinyl is excellent at masking these marks. By choosing the right grain patterns and color schemes, you can also minimize the chance that you’ll see scuff marks and scratches; although these are more common concerns in high-traffic areas and commercial settings instead of standard residential homes.


How Luxury Vinyl is Different

It’s important to understand the difference between luxury vinyl tile and other types of vinyl tiles. It can be easy to mistake the two since they do have many of the same properties, but luxury tile is thicker, more durable and has very strong installation techniques that allow the floor to be properly secured so that it does not warp, buckle or collect moisture.

Self-stick vinyl tiles face many more problems because of their less reliable installation method, and the tiles themselves are not as high-quality as their luxury counterparts. Nevertheless, you can still expect this type of luxury flooring to be economical, especially since the flooring will far outlast the commotion in your home or business. You can safely assume that luxury vinyl tile will live up to its indestructible image thanks to its rugged construction, professional installation and overall thickness.

Image: nuttakit / FreeDigitalPhotos.net

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