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How Do Mood Rings Work

Find Out How and Why Mood Rings Colors Change

Mood rings have been around for decades and are still trendy fun and cute pieces of jewelry for children and adults alike. These rings and other pendants come in different designs and their color change with their wearer’s personal and intense emotions. This makes them highly popular among kids who enjoy seeing these changes.

But have you ever wanted to unveil the secrets of mood ring colors and meaning? I did… When moon rings appeared on the market, I was a child. I used to spend summertime with my grandparents on our coastline. My grandmother bought me dozens of mood rings as she used to buy me a little gift each and every day. These jewels were and still are cute and, by the way, inexpensive gifts.

Many people think that mood rings are meant for kids only. They are wrong… These pieces of jewelry are fancy items that anyone can wear: kiddies, teens, adults. Even men can wear such fashion accessories.

With their increasing success, manufacturers produced extensive pieces of mood reflector jewels. So, now you may want to learn more about the mood ring color’s meaning. Let’s then start our little journey in fantasy world.

Get a Mood Ring Coming Right From the 1970s

Band moon ring, the original

Original Mood Ring – Endless Band Mood Ring in Assorted Girls Sizes

Have you enjoyed wearing mood rings in your childhood? Did you love them as much as I did? If so, they surely brought you lots of pleasure discovering your day to day mood and humor! And you will be pleased to learn that they are still popular, produced and sold by stores.

As said earlier, these jewels aren’t expensive at all and mood rings are perfect items to be given out to kids and teens as jewels. In addition, when those items are of a high quality, they make great fashion accessories. Wear a mood ring instead of any ring and enjoy it appearing different in color to you and other people at different times throughout the day.

Revive the magic of your childhood with an original mood ring. It’s thermo-reactive liquid crystal will give you day after day accurate information on how your mood is. It’s magic!


Let Me Tell you How Do Mood Rings Work

Here’s how your mood ring colors change

How do mood rings work? First, you’re supposed to wear your mood ring on your finger, then, the color of the stone of the mood ring detects and reflects your humor or any of your emotions.All mood jewels work alike, whether it is the big mood band for men, wrist or leg mood bracelets, mood pendants, or mood watches; you can even find mood nail polish in some stores!

How does the glass color of a mood ring change

Actually, the “stone” or glass which your mood ring is made out of, is filled with thermo liquid crystals that react to any change of your body temperature. In turn, the structure of those crystals is affected and crystal’s reflection of the light results into a change of the color of the stone that’s in the mood ring.

Do the mood ring colors change in any temperature change?

Original Oval Mood Ring (Adjustable Size) One size fits all

Indeed, mood ring colors change in any case: does your temperature increase? Then the mood ring’s color will change and become more red, violet or even dark blue. Does your temperature decrease? Then the mood ring’s color will turn into an array of green and yellow colors.

Naturally, if the temperature decreases too much, like zero degree, and under zero, in wintertime, your mood ring color will turn into grey and stay like that.

Old Fashioned Oval Mood Ring

Revive the memories of your childhood with this authentic oval mood ring; which is adjustable and can be worn by kids and adults alike. This mood ring color changes as your mood changes.


Mood Rings, Bracelets, Necklaces and Earrings

These jewels can greatly be used a party favors

The features of mood rings can also be found in the form of earring sets, bracelets and pendant necklaces. These make great gifts for friends as well as party favors for your guests to cherish for life.

Sterling Silver Heart Mood RingStretch Beaded Mood Rings for GirlsFancy Mood Ring (random selection)Mood Pendant Necklace – ButterflySun and Moon Bestfriends Necklace on Mood HeartMood Pendant Necklace – HeartMood Pendant Necklace – DolphinMood Changing Ying Yang Sign NecklacesPetal Flower Mood NecklaceMoon and Star Mood Fashion Stud EarringsMood Bangle Change Color Emotion BraceletPair Of Color Changing Mood Ring Plugs

All About Mood Ring Colors Meaning

In our next page, you are going to find a chart, which will enable you to get an eye on the different mood ring colors and the matching meanings. Click here to find the Mood ring colors and meanings.

This article was first published by Holly Day back in 2011 on the now defunct Squidoo site. It is now split into two different parts so as to not have you confused because of its length.

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