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How To Be The Best In Pointe Shoes

Pink satin pointe shoes are every ballet student’s dream. Whether you are a child starting ballet, or an adult ballet classes beginner, I know you want to get ahead and try to be among the best in your class.  If  for some reason you think this is not an outcome that you can achieve, I am going to tell you how to be the best in pointe shoes, or get as close to this result as you possibly can.

Focus on it. Your first challenges in your ballet studio is to understand the exactly correct technique so that you repeat the thousands of plies, battements tendus and all the other barre exercises, without doing it wrong, therefore wasting your time. Incorrect technique will also lead to dance injuries such as sprained ankles and knee sprains. Yet this is easily avoided.

Every dance student could benefit from a private lesson periodically. It is good to get some coaching to help you work on the physical challenges that every ballet dancer has with their own body, versus the ballet ideal. However, this is expensive and you can learn much yourself. You simply need to know what to look for.

It will only require a few minutes a day to learn on your own.  You can gain an understanding of correct ballet technique – and you will see your progress with the difficult physical challenges of ballet. Here are a few of the important factors to study, to get into pointe shoes:

  • correct natural posture
  • anatomy of ballet turnout – understanding the hip joints, and the type you have
  • how to get more flexible in the ankle joints, if needed
  • how to strengthen the “banana feet” or hyper-mobile ankle and foot joints
  • how to improve your balance and check your ballet positions

Those are a few, and very important details that will help you learn how to be the best you can be in ballet class..

Pointe Shoes

Everything you do in soft ballet slippers, you will eventually perform in pointe shoes. You need to develop extremely strong muscles, especially foot muscles, and technical accuracy, but there is nothing new or strange. Organizing home practice will aim you to where you will be the best in class, in spite of any physical drawbacks you have. Learning to work with your body, and not fight against it, is what you will do.

Focus on pre pointe exercises, even if you are a beginner. Your foot muscles will be stronger in your jumps, your releves and pirouettes, and you will feel the control improving all the time.

Viewing each ballet barre exercise with an explanation of all the technical details will help when you are practicing on your own. It will help you spot things you are doing wrong in class and correct them faster. You can learn how to be the best, and one day, dance in pointe shoes.

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