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How To Fill Up Water Balloons

How To Fill Up Water Balloons

So you’re wondering how to fill up water balloons? Well it’s certainly not the old fashioned way, that is so tedious and time consuming. You can spend hours filling and tying the balloons, only for the kids to need more made. The fastest way to fill up water balloons is hands down with an automatic filler and tier.

These balloon tools let you fill and tie dozens of balloons freaky fast. All you do is attach it to your backyard hose, and watch the balloons fill to the perfect size in seconds. When they are big enough they will discharge from the tool and automatically seal. These balloons are so easy to make. You can quickly have them ready for those backyard water balloon fights.

How to Fill Water Balloons Easily

In just seconds you’ll have perfectly sized water balloons

How To Fill Water Balloons With Water

The secret is the cylinder system that divides the water’s flow. When they get just enough water inside the balloons slide down automatically sealing themselves.

These Water Balloons Make Themselves!

No more twisting and tying for hours, and no more spilling water

Magic Balloons

Cut your water balloon prep time by 90%. Every kids loves a good water balloon fight. But parents hate to supply the ammunition, well not anymore. This handy filler automatically fills and ties a total of 111 balloons.

Magic Balloons! Fill a Bunch in a

Water Balloon Video


Fastest Way To Fill Water Balloons

Stop spending hours filling and tying water balloons. Getting tools that can help is the fastest way to fill water balloons. Water balloon fights are fun! Prepping the balloons isn’t, until now. Spend more time playing with your kids instead of preparing the balloons.

Bunch O Balloons Water Balloons [100 BalloonsTie – Not Water Balloon Filling Set

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  1. klash

    Thanks Kiwinana it sure beats filling the balloons the old fashioned way

  2. Interesting. I have never seen this before, great idea.

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