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How To Grow Strawberries

Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Growing Strawberries at Home

If you’ve ever wanted to learn how to grow strawberry plants, you are going to enjoy this page as you’re about to get the best tips for growing strawberries in your home garden.

Growing strawberries at home and taking care of strawberry plants is particularly easy in that they have quick yields delivering the delicious fruits for your family to enjoy.

However, before taking action towards growing strawberries at home, you have to know what goes in strawberry gardening especially in their first summer so that you can get huge crops of fresh strawberries for summer seasons to come.

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What you Have to Know Before Growing Strawberries in your Home Garden

Know the variety of strawberries you’re going to grow

Before beginning your new activity of growing strawberries it is quite crucial to decide what variety of fruits you are going to plant.

Broadly many cultivators fall strawberry plants into three different types.

The first type is June Bearing (such as the Strawberry Red Chief) ; which produces large strawberry crops in the spring.

The second type is Everbearing (like the Strawberry Ozark Beauty); which will provide you with few crops during the spring, summer and fall seasons.

And the third and last type of strawberries is Day Neutral (like the Mara Des Bois French Everbearing (Day Neutral) Strawberry that will allow you to eat those sweet and tasteful berries during the whole summer season.

These varieties of strawberries are not distinguishable by unexperienced sight but you may ask from the store from where you will purchase as different care goes into both the strawberry plants.

Different Steps To Take When You Wish to Grow Strawberries

Basics of strawberry gardening

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If you are planning to grow a successful strawberry garden, it becomes really essential to know where and in what conditions you’re actually going to grow the strawberry plants.

You would be happy to know that growing strawberries can be done in most of the climates and that countries growing strawberries have some kind of season for this purpose.

However if you want to provide them with the best conditions, it is advisable to make the strawberry plants grow in a cool climate with a lot of excess moisture.

Once the strawberry plants are in their growing stage and get established in a proper manner, then these should be grown without excess moisture and then they can be grown in farms, greenhouses, gardens…. Cream of the crop, strawberries can also grow in containers!


Select the Variety of Strawberries you Plan to Grow

There’s a wide range of strawberry plants to choose from, from everbearing to June bearing, and more.

What Are You Going to Raise?

Select your favorite type of heart-shaped fruits

So here you are going to find the three different types of fruits that you can grow in your garden patch or in raising beds. Although you can choose to start using seeds, I personally only like plants. Those I select already bear flowers, if possible, which means that don’t have to worry about whether they are going to grow or not. The two first plants are everbearing, the two next are June bearing and the last ones are Day Neutral.

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Ask a nurseryman which is the best everbearing strawberry, and he’s likely to tell you it’s this one.
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Strawberry – Honeoye – $59.90
Large, June-Bearing Strawberry Honeoye Strawberry is a perennial, fruit-bearing plant.
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Strawberry – Dunlap – $59.90
Sweet Juicy Strawberries All Summer The Dunlap is a June bearing strawberry.
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How to Take Care of Strawberry Plants

Best strawberry growing tips

A strawberry plant should be planted with proper care: the Day Neutral strawberry plant should be planted 8-12″ apart while June- and EverBearing strawberry plants should be planted 12-24″ apart.

The optimal place to plant your strawberry plants could be close to your sight so that you always remember to take care of them.

Planting strawberries on the slope would help it save from the harsh winds; most preferably it should be planted at place which receives good sunlight.

In a strawberry plantation it is appropriate to pull out the weeds. Spacing the runners is also significant. In case of Day Neutral strawberries so that the mother plant remains stronger and does live longer. In case of June- and EverBearing strawberry plants each mother plant should be limited to five strong daughter plants.

Watering is also important so and make sure to give your strawberry plants 1-1.5″ water per week.

Grow Strawberries in Raised Beds

Give yourself a comfortable gardening gift

You can grow strawberries in plain ground, raised beds and all kinds of containers. These fruits adapt pretty well to any climate provided that you help them survive the hardest ones (water as much as they need, provide some shadow if sun is too hot, etc.) It is really important to always clean up your strawberry patch and these gardening tasks may be uncomfortable. To solve this problem, I’d recommend the use of raised beds. They help keeping pests outside of the fruit’s environment and also enable you to be more comfortable while taking care of your patch. Some of these beds even add a decorative touch to your garden or your patio.

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Strawberry Patch and Containers

How I prepare strawberries for the next production

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