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Howard Wolowitz Belt Buckles

Geek Belt Buckles

I’ve been a fan of the Big Bang Theory for some time now, to be honest I’ve not been watching the most recent episodes simply because I think the show has lost its spark.

It’s understandable with any sitcom or show in general that later seasons won’t be as funny. However I still enjoy watching the reruns whenever I can and still catch myself chuckling at punchlines I’ve already heard hundreds of times before.

After Sheldon Howard is my second favorite character, I always keep an eye out for what those two are wearing and each time they never fail to amaze me. While Sheldon is known for this geeky t shirts, Howard is known for his unique belt buckles.

These can range from NES controllers to Batman logos. Either way there are plenty of Howard Wolowitz buckles for you to choose from below.

All of Howard’s Belt Buckles

Mens Bioworld Nintendo Controller Metal Belt BuckleWorking NES Nintendo Controller Belt Buckle with BeltDC Comics The FLASH Action Pose Metal/Enamel BELT BUCKLEThe Flash Logo Belt Buckle45 ADAPTER Belt Buckle Vinyl Record DJ Hip Hop Pop MusicBatman 3d Silver Bat Rhinestones Border in Blue Oval Finished Belt Buckle.BeltsandStuds Goth Punk Rhinestone Gold Crown Metal Buckle SilverBrushed Metal Western Deputy Ranger Star Badge Belt BuckleNautical Star Punk Rock belt buckle red black tattooBuckle Rage Adult Unisex Perched Horned Owl Belt Buckle Silver

Take your pick!

Every choice above is taken directly from the show and images I could find online of Howard’s buckles so each represent the character well. Take your pick depending on the outfit you’ll be pairing with it.

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